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The Mediation Process

Mediation Picture

Once the Mediation Service receives a referral from a party, a line manager or a HR member of staff, there are a number of steps to be followed before setting up mediation.

  1. Each party will have a short conversation with the Mediation Service Co-ordinator to assess whether mediation is suitable.
  2. If it is deemed suitable both parties will be contacted to arrange initial separate meetings with two mediators. This will give each party the opportunity to explore the issues that are causing conflict and discuss what they want from mediation.
  3. If both parties agree, a joint meeting will be facilitated by the mediators. This session will bring both parties together to talk through their issues and work through a mutually agreed agenda. These discussions are confidential and ground rules will be agreed by both parties.
  4. The mediators will ensure that both parties are given every opportunity to clarify how they feel and what they would like to change and work towards a joint agreement which focuses on improving their relationship.
  5. A mediator will contact both parties, at an agreed time, to follow up and see how things are going following the mediation session.