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Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Will I have a Personal Tutor?

Our proactive Personal Academic Tutor scheme aims to ensure that throughout your time at university you have regular opportunities to meet with an assigned member of academic staff, your ‘Personal Academic Tutor’ or PAT, in order to discuss and improve your personal, academic and professional development.

Who can I talk to if I am struggling with living and studying?

Coming to a new place and country can be difficult as you have to get used to so many things: there will be differences in the way people dress, how they speak, the food they eat, the climate and customs, the money. This all takes time to get used to. At the University of Bradford one way we try to help people who are in difficulty is through counselling.

Counselling gives you a chance to come and talk, in confidence, about anything that is troubling you. Your counsellor will help you to think things through, make changes in your life if you need, and give you information about who else might help. You can find out more on the Counselling website.

Chaplaincy and Faith Advisors

Tolerance and respect for religions and beliefs are important at the University of Bradford. The City has places of worship for most faiths and religions and many of these are close to our campus. The Chaplaincy team represent various faith groups and provide spiritual support and pastoral care for staff and students of all faiths and none. You can find details on our Student Services website under Faith Advisors and Chaplains in the A-Z.

With the University of Bradford’s beautifully diverse campus housing a large population of Muslim students and staff, the University of Bradford Islamic Society (ISoc) worked alongside the UBU and the University to develop a dedicated prayer facility in the Carlton Building – the Carlton Prayer Room.

I'm a sponsored student. How will my sponsors know of my performance?

Your sponsors will be sent progressions reports twice a year after Semester 1 and after Semester 2. They will include information on your grades, performance and attendance where necessary. They will completed by your personal or course tutor. 

Do I need to register with the police?

Only students from certain international countries have a responsibility to register with the police.

If you are from one of these countries, it will be stated on your visa. You must register within seven days of arriving in the UK;

Please see the Police Registration section on the Visa Support section for further information and guidance.

How do I renew my visa?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid student visa.

For information and guidance please visit the Visa Support web pages or come and see the Visa Support Team in person at the MyBradford - Student Support (Drop in sessions, Monday to Friday, 11am to 12pm).

I want to invite guests from overseas to visit me in the UK / attend my graduation ceremony. Can I obtain a letter to help with their travel visa application process?

If you are inviting guests from overseas and require a guest invitation letter for visa purposes, please either call in at MyBradford - Student Support, based at the Richmond Building, or send a request via email to:

You will need to tell us how many guests you would like to invite. For each guest, you will need to provide their full name, date of birth, passport number and how long they will be staying in the UK.

How do I apply for a 'Schengen Visa'?

If you are applying for a 'Schengen Visa' to travel around Europe as a tourist, a supporting letter can be obtained from MyBradford - Student Support, located in the Richmond Building.

You will need to provide the details of your travel arrangements (the destination, date of travel and approximate duration of travel) upon request of a letter.

You will need to make your Schengen visa application via the Embassy of the country that you are visiting first, or the country where you will spend the most time, if you are visiting more than one country. 

With regret, we cannot make a Schengen visa application on your behalf, but we are able to signpost you to the correct information.