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Miruna-Cristina Galea

BSc International Business and Management (with placement year)

Miruna-Cristina Galea
  • From Romania
  • President of the Romanian Society
  • Placement year at MyLahore

Miruna-Cristina says she was "a bit shy" when she started at university - something that's very hard to believe when you speak to her now.

"I'm really talkative, I never stop talking," she says.

"When I arrived and went to the Freshers' Fayre, I met the president and vice-president of the Romanian Society and they showed me around Bradford. We had loads of parties and get-togethers with Romanian food.

"I left everything at home - my parents, friends, etc. - and meeting Romanians made me feel at home, and celebrating national days in England was huge for me.

"I have loads of friends who aren't Romanian though - classmates, people I've met, getting together with other international and EU students."

Miruna became president of the society in her second year, and has also worked with the University as an ambassador.

"I went with the International Office to Romania to help recruit students, and I want to work in recruitment in the future - this is what I really want to do.

"When I started university I was a bit shy, I was a bit scared of speaking in English, but it's all worked out really well, and when I went to Romania I saw that all the skills I've learned at University have helped me so much."

Visited for myself

Miruna heard about Bradford through friends who were already at the University.

"They told me it's really nice, so I came here and visited Bradford for myself.

"I went to a lecture to see what it's like. I was really surprised by lecturers and tutorials, it was something new,

"Then I heard about the School of Management and that it's one of the best in Europe, and thought yes this is where I want to come - it's a castle, why not! 

"I probably wouldn't have chosen Bradford if I hadn't come here to see it for myself beforehand."

Life at 'the castle'

As a Management student, Miruna studies at the Emm Lane campus.

"I love it. It's great because when I have a break I can go take a ride on the boats [at Lister Park] with my friends.

"The library is great - I sleep there, I eat there - it's my life during exams! You can also get together with your friends and study together, that really helps a lot.

"The teachers are really good. If you I've any questions - no matter how silly they are - they will always help you.

"I've found them really encouraging and they've helped me throughout the years."

Insight into management

Miruna's third year will be spent on placement, where she is hoping to get "more insight into how companies should be managed, and into the hidden part of companies - the insides".

She'll be spending her year working with Bradford-based restaurant chain MyLahore to help develop the business.

"I've been working there part-time and I've developed it into a placement, they have multiple branches in Manchester and Birmingham, so I'm going to go everywhere."

Advice to other Romanians considering Bradford?

"They should definitely come here!

"The Romanian Society is here to support them. All the teachers are so nice, and they shouldn't be shy about their English because it's going to get better in a matter of days - trust me, it'll be fine."