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Jing Li

PhD, MA in Finance and Accounting Management, BSc in Business and Management Studies,

Jing Li
  • From China
  • Now a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Bradford

"I have always been curious about the ever-changing business world and wanted to be part of it, so I took the undergraduate course in business and management. During the three years, I became more and more interested in accounting and this was further developed by completing the MA in finance and accounting management. While I was doing my MA, I began to feel that one year wasn't really enough time to reflect and develop my interest and some of my ideas that were emerging through the course.

"I had become fascinated with my MA dissertation work in Intellectual Capital - it was exciting, liberating and very challenging. I felt that I could take it further and I had no doubt that Bradford School of Management was the place to continue with my PhD - I was impressed by the level of knowledge the lecturers had shown and their responsible and approachable manner towards students.

"The day I received my studentship was the happiest in my life and one that changed its course forever. It is generous and unconditional and allows me to be fully committed to research as well as to attend conferences and research seminars.

"Studying here is so stimulating and there's a great sense of freedom. It is a dynamic and close PhD community. As time has passed, I have realised that I want to follow an academic career and become a lecturer. During my PhD research I benefited tremendously from discussions with my supervisors who are famous scholars in their fields. They are sharp, supportive, always encouraging and full of ideas - they helped me lay a solid foundation for my future plans.

"I have had such a wonderful and fulfilling time at Bradford that I hope my experience will encourage more people to come and enjoy it."