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Geellis Winkel

DBA, 2010

Geellis Winkel
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Previous qualifications: Executive MBA (Strathclyde University)
  • Current Employer: Add-Va Strategy & Change
  • Position: Managing Director

Where are you now?
In 2003 I started my own boutique management consultancy organization named Add-Va Strategy & Change in the field of strategic change management.

In the meantime I have repositioned the activities regarding International Business Transformation within the brand Dr Geellis Winkel & Associates.

I act as an interim CEO or strategic advisor where I have been involved in strategic change initiatives such as mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration, privatisation, outsourcing, building shared services organizations, building strategic alliances, repositioning, internationalisation, diversification, transformation, restructuring, and Information System & Technology Implementations.

How did your degree help?
As a DBA is a bridge between science and practice, my DBA degree strengthened the foundation needed for my daily business in various ways.

First, I developed an integrative framework to manage strategic change processes which is valuable at every business assignment. Second, I studied in-depth a specific change process; the implementation of Information Systems and discovered how to manage such complex change processes. Third, the doctoral research process strengthened my competences, such as problem solving and analytical skills, visioning from an integrative perspective, and a positive critical approach.

Thus, it strengthened my ability to lead or support successful strategic change by means of creating the same direction and truth for all stakeholders involved and building trust.

Why Bradford?
I chose Bradford because of the international reputation, and the well-structured program to support the research process.

The highlight was meeting passionate people from all over the world during the peer review workshops. The support of a highly dedicated staff and the interaction with my supervisor were highlights too.

And of course it is always nice to come home at Heaton Mount!

The added value after completing my research is a “real” network of people all over the world who all achieved the lonely journey to climb the high mountain called a Doctor of Business Administration.

More about you
The main driver is my passion in interacting with professionals from all over the world where I feel like a World citizen, and appreciate my Dutch roots and living in Germany.

Another driver is curiosity by means of lifelong learning which is a way of life. Thus, the doctoral research process is part of my professional and personal learning process.

I am passionate about strategic change management and how to structurally improve or change organizations with a focus on (re)activating the needed spirit. In my opinion management or leadership is a destination.

My goal is to support the further development of the management profession or passion where I try to bridge the worlds of science (theory) and management (practice) for instance by means of acting as a visiting speaker at the University of Bradford, School of Management.