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Waqas Jadoon

BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management

Waqas Jadoon
  • 2008 graduate
  • Has worked in HR in organisations including Save the Children

Since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Human Resources Management in July 2008, Waqas has held a number of different HR positions.

He briefly held a position as Assistant Director Human Resource Management at Ayub Medical Hospital & College Abbottabad, a Government organization in Pakistan, before taking on a role as HR Officer with Pamma Enterprises UK for almost two years.

In April 2010 Waqas returned to his native Pakistan and after a few months was appointed as HR Officer with international NGO, Save the Children.

Waqas feels the experience and knowledge gained from his BSC (Hons) degree in Human Resource Management from the School of Management has played a key role in helping him to get to where he is now.

"My current position is HR Coordinator (Asst Manager HR). HR is very interesting field where you deal with people from different backgrounds and culture - interviewing them, orient them on organisational policy and procedures, go on field visits, dealing with compensation and benefits, employee relations and health and life insurance."

Coping with pressure

"The most challenging about my position is dealing with constant pressure of hiring as I am working in emergency, but I learnt a lot in this challenging position - how to cope with pressure.

"I always wanted to pursue a career in Human Resource Management, I believe this is very diverse and interesting field where you can meet different challenging roles, every day is a new day in this field where you learn new things on daily basis.

"The most difficult thing in any aspect is understanding human nature and in this field you meet people with different culture and background making it easier for you how to deal with people from different ethnic backgrounds."

Fruitful studies

"Studying at University of Bradford School of Management has been very fruitful for my professional career.

"The HR theories and practices which I learnt during my studies at Bradford helped me a lot in my professional life. I implemented those in my previous and current jobs and because of knowledge gained at Bradford School of Management and in a short span of time I worked at different senior level positions i.e. Assistant Director HR in Ayub Medical Hospital & College which is a renowned government organization and Assistant Manager HR in one of the leading global organisation Save the Children."


"My favourite memorable time at the University was organising a charity event for cancer Research UK, we raised over 300 pounds in that event."

Don't lose motivation

"My advice is to students or alumni is if you face any challenges in field of HR do not lose your motivation, because every new challenge brings a new opportunity for you and open new doors of learning for you.

"It depends on you how you cope with challenge, you can either turn a challenge into an opportunity or you can make a mess."