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Nick Gibaldi

MSc Forensic Archaeology and Crime Science Investigation, 2015

Nick Gibaldi

Nicholas decided to do a postgraduate degree to further his education and become a more suitable candidate for a career in forensic sciences.

Choosing Bradford

"I chose the University of Bradford because it has a highly recognised reputation regarding archaeology and forensic sciences.

"The excessive hands-on practical work in MSc Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation really made the programme stand out. I enjoyed the ability to enter a scene at any time after nine months of hard work, and understand the mechanisms, skills, and technique needed to get the job done quickly and appropriately the most.

"This is a rigorous course filled with hands-on hard work that takes you behind the scenes of what you see on TV, and also gives the opportunity to understand truly how hard forensic sciences can be."

Learning from the experts

"Robert Janaway and Andrew Wilson each have years of personal experiences inside the classroom as well as inside real scenes. A majority of our coursework is based upon real-life scenario’s for which Rob or Andy have heard of, or even encountered from time to time.

"We have met members of the West Yorkshire Police, search and rescue dog handlers, firearms experts, and many more.

"All of these people have given us as a cohort the opportunity to interact with everyday workers in our field, who not only answer all of our questions, but give us the inside emotional perspective that you will never see through a TV screen or read in a textbook."

Excellent facilities and campus

Nicholas Gibaldi - Cobden

‌"The facilities available at the University of Bradford are excellent.

"Between the labs with their extensive space and equipment/skeletal remains collection, and the Crime Scene Facility only recently introduced for scene simulations, I felt completely and adequately prepared and ready for everything we encountered on our course.

‌‌"The University is beautiful, the people are friendly, every professor and instructor says hello."

Lots of career support

"Between discussing my CV with both Andy and Rob, references for job applications, help in the student centre, and the opportunity to have people to fall back on and ask them questions before applying for a position helps a great amount.

"I get hands-on experience you cannot get in many other places, which may not be in a real-life scene, the practice on simulated scenes to a professional standard is a very powerful skill to be able to provide.

"The support has been tremendous. As mentioned earlier, with jobs, coursework, extra assistance for specific areas to be discussed later on a 1:1 basis, these things have all be very beneficial and extremely supportive."

Come to Bradford!

"I would say absolutely, and do it. It is a great place for education and the people who help are amazing."