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Vinay Nair

Full-time MBA

Vinay Nair
  • Age: 30
  • Year of Graduation: 2011
  • Nationality: American

Vinay is a registered Civil Engineer and after having completed his Master's in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University, he worked as a Civil Engineer in the US for some years.

During his years of employment, he experienced a change in his career from a largely technical to a management person. This shift made him realize that in order to continue growing in the areas he wanted to he needed to acquire concrete business knowledge. And what better way to gain this knowledge than to undertake an MBA programme?

"The Bradford MBA almost appeared tailor made for me because of the following:


  • A highly respected top ranked UK MBA from the UK's oldest ranked university based business school
  • Value for money 
  • Opportunities to study in other EU countries - I will be visiting TIAS Nimbas in April to attend an elective course in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in one year meant less time away from family and work 
  • Very strong associations with the Middle East business community via Bradford's presence in Dubai and the GCC


I particularly valued the opportunity to interact with greatly experienced peers from different industries and countries, the excellent amenities for students and the exceptional selection of electives. The friendly and supportive faculty and staff, especially the career service is an excellent source of both encouragement and resource which is guiding me in my quest to achieve my ideal position.

Post MBA, I would like to work with a real estate developer in a management capacity. This would enable be to marry my technical knowledge of Civil Engineering along with the comprehensive business knowledge learned during my time at the University of Bradford School of Management.

I totally believe the Bradford MBA will help me achieve my ideal position. The programme is exhaustive and fast paced yet it is very well planned and all I can say is that you cannot go wrong with an MBA from University of Bradford School of Management. Need I say more?"