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Intent to Study

International student applicants are now interviewed by the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) staff, to assess their 'Intent to study' as part of the Tier 4 Visa application process. This is called a 'Credibility Interview' and applicants will be expected to explain why they want to study the programme they have applied for; why they have chosen to study at University of Bradford, and what they intend to do with the qualification they obtain on completion of their studies.

Before we issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to an applicant, we must be satisfied that the applicant has a genuine intention to study in the UK.

The Personal Statement

The students Personal statement should cover the following:

  • Reflect a genuine intent to study in the UK;
  • Should refer to the University of Bradford;
  • Should refer to  the correct programme or subject area;
  • Reflect a genuine interest in the chosen subject area;
  • Needs to show what the applicant hopes to achieve after study,  and reasons why they think this course will help.
  • Must be the applicants' own work and should make sense.

A Personal statement may vary depending on the programme level that the applicant is applying for. Undergraduate students who apply through Undergraduate Course At University and College (UCAS) will possibly have a more generic statement which may not refer specifically to University of Bradford. This is acceptable as the statement will be intended for all the institutions they applied to. Additionally, they may have applied for a particular course to which the statement refers, but they may have been give an an offer for a cascaded programme.

Immigration History

A complicated Academic and Immigration history can reflect adversely on a students' intent to study. If an applicant has a history of attending multiple courses, often at the same level, this can create an issue on their Visa application as the Entry Clearance Officer may challenge the applicants 'Intent to study

Please obtain an academic history of any previous study the student has done in the UK from the applicant, and request a copy of any previous UK visas and Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) statements they have had.


Self-financing applicants must pay a deposit of £2,000 before a CAS is issued. This reflects a commitment to coming to study at University of Bradford.

For further information or advice on Intent to Study, please contact the Visa Support Team at or telephone 01274 236900.