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Work Placements

Students on a Tier 4 visa are permitted to undertake a work placement as part of their programme provided that:

  • the work placement must not exceed 50% of the duration of the course in the UK;
  • the work placement is an assessed part of the course;
  • as a Tier 4 Sponsor, the University of Bradford remains responsible for students whilst they are on the work placement.

If a Faculty and / or Admissions make an offer to a student to undertake or complete a course which contains a work placement, it is the responsibility of Admissions/Faculty to ensure that the work placement meets the Tier 4 requirements.

The Visa Support Team will consider the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) request on the basis the above requirements have and will be met.

Informing the Visa Support Team

When a student is on placement, the Visa Support Team must send a report to the Home Office informing them about a student’s work placement address, start and end dates, within 10 working days of the placement start date. 

Faculty staff should inform the Visa Support Team BEFORE the start of a student’s placement by emailing

You should put the following in the subject heading “WORK PLACEMENT NOTIFICATION (INSERT DATES).

You should also create a SAB record on SITS to confirm student placement details.

Tier 4 Sponsorship Duties whilst on placement

Whilst International students are on work placement, either in the UK or overseas, the University remains responsible for them as their sponsor under Tier 4. If the student is taking their placement in their home country, the student has an option for the removal of the Tier 4 sponsorship whilst undertaking the placement and must reapply for a Tier 4 visa prior to returning for the taught part of their course. The student should be referred to the Visa Support Team for advice about their options.

If the student continues the course on their Tier 4 visa, the University must continue to meet its' duties for monitoring attendance during this time. In line with reporting mechanisms for employers, non-attendance must be reported to the Home Office after the student has missed 10 working days of their work placement without reasonably granted permission.

The Placement Provider must notify the Faculty if the student has missed 5 consecutive days without reasonably granted permission. The Faculty should notify the Visa Support Team who will email the student to ask for information on why they are absent. If after 10 consecutive days the student has continued not to attend, and there is no satisfactory / apparent explanation for this, the Placement Provider must inform the Faculty contact. This information must be passed to the Visa Support Team immediately. This will be investigated to ascertain the reason for non-attendance, if there is no mitigating factors for the absence, a report will be sent to the Home Office regarding the non-attendance within 10 working days of the absence.

Signed Agreement

The Faculty should ensure that an agreement is drawn up with any Placement Provider outlining the responsibilities of the student, University and Placement Provider during the student's placement and that they will inform the University of any absences. It should also clearly state that the failure of the student to attend could result in a report being sent to the Home Office and their visa being curtailed (cut short). This agreement must be signed by the Placement Provider, University and Student before the student is permitted to embark upon their placement. Students should not be permitted to embark on placements where the agreement has not been signed.