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Sheillah Chimungeni

Regional Manager

Sheillah Chimungeni

As the Regional Manager for the Sub-Saharan and Americas regions, Sheillah supports the Head of Admissions, UK and Eire Student Recruitment and Outreach in implementing the university’s internationalisation strategy, as well as creating and implementing the recruitment strategy for the Sub-Saharan and Americas regions.

This involves targeted overseas recruitment trips within these regions to maximize the impact of the Bradford brand.

Sheillah has particular responsibility for the leadership and management of the Sub-Saharan and Americas recruitment team, working with academic schools, and other university support services towards the broadening of international enrolments, and enabling a trouble-free process for the students.

Sheillah’s passion for international student recruitment transcends 10 years of involvement in recruitment activities while in her native country Kenya, before moving to the UK for further studies.

Her lingual background enables her to speak three languages: English, Swahili and Luhyia (relative to the East African region).

To the team and to recruitment initiatives, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from a range of related backgrounds: international student recruitment within the East and Central African regions, her experience as an international student at Aston University (MBA) and Coventry University (PhD), as well as experiences as a part-time lecturer at Coventry University.