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Zareen Anjum Khan

BSc Economics and International Economics

Zareen Anjum Khan
  • From Bangladesh

Zareen, 19, says studying in the UK is worth the cost, and says Bradford is providing her with a "phenomenal education", which includes practical work experience and knowledge.

"UK is a well reputed country for its education service and it is also home to some of the top universities.

"It has also produced many brilliant academics that have gone on to accomplish accolades of sorts.

"Personally when deciding to study abroad, UK was an obvious choice for me."

Easy application process

"The application process for the university through UCAS was efficient and organised. UCAS is very well structured and makes the process less harrowing for prospective students when applying to multiple universities.

"Apart from the UK, I had also applied to and gotten accepted at universities in Canada. Malaysia was also a prospective country for me, mainly because of its cost-efficient universities.

"For anyone looking to study in UK, there is a plethora of websites on the net dedicated purely to universities and studying in the UK.

"The Complete University Guide provides university rankings along with many other unconventional ranks of the university, like crime rates around that area which as a foreigner were very useful to look at.

"There is also the UCAS website which has all the answers to any questions during the application process."

Enlightening experience

"Although it comes at a high cost financially, the UK is rewarding in every other way possible.

"It is enriched with knowledge in its academics, environment, cities, people and just waiting for people to come and learn from it.

"The best way to get the most of UK is, I have found, is to travel and take in the histories of as many cities possible. My experience thus far has been enlightening to say the least.

"Initially, because of the location of my study I did find the strong Yorkshire accent a bit intimidating.

"However, with time you get used to it and for all I know I might be speaking like them too!"

Ultimate education package

Zareen plans to stay on to study a postgraduate degree once she graduates, and says her time here in Bradford will help her achieve her ambitions:

"Mainly because of the phenomenal education it is providing me with, with the best of lecturers and the ultimate education package.

"At the same time the University provides endless means to apply that acquired knowledge in real life through placements, work experience and voluntary work.

"I think that is the best way to prepare anyone for any ambition – to give them knowledge and teach them how to use it."