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File Recovery


If a file or folder has been accidentally deleted from the student M drive or the staff G or H drives, or you wish to recover an earlier version, it can be salvaged and restored.

There is no guarantee how long a file will be available to salvage. Files can usually be salvaged for up to a month after being deleted, however this may differ depending on how heavily you use your quota of space (in terms of how often files are deleted or updated or the volume of files stored). But it is always worth trying!

Note: If you are a Faculty of Engineering and Informatics student or member of staff, please contact your local IT support for help.

Salvage a deleted file or an earlier version of a file

 Right click on the folder where the file was originally saved and select Salvage Files.

  1. For a deleted file: from the list displayed, select the appropriate file based on file name, time deleted and size.
    For an earlier version: select the appropriate file based on file name, last updated date and size.
  2. Click on Salvage File.

Deleted folder

  1. Right click on the folder within which the deleted folder was originally saved and select Salvage Files.
  2. From the list displayed, select the appropriate folder based on filename / time deleted. Deleted folders will display with file size 0 bytes.
  3. Click on Salvage File. The deleted folder will be restored, however it will be empty. To restore the files within the folder, follow the deleted file instructions above.

Note: If a salvaged file or folder does not appear where expected, it may have been restored to a place in which it was saved earlier if the file was moved after it was created. Search for the file or folder in Windows Explorer.

Further help

Contact IT Servicedesk if you cannot find the file or folder, or the version that you are trying to salvage. Provide as much information about the file or folder as possible e.g. file name, date created, date last modified.

Auto recovery of Microsoft Office files

If your login automatically times out or there is a temporary loss of power to your computer, it may be possible to recover the file you were working on. The file must have been saved properly at least once recently. The computer should then create a temporary copy every 10 minutes while you are working on it. Therefore there may be some loss of data if the file is recovered.

  1. Log in to the computer you were using.
  2. Open the Office application you were using (e.g. Word). The Document Recovery task pane should open on the left side of the screen, displaying the automatically recovered document.
  3. Click on the recovered document to open it and save it to an appropriate drive before doing anything else with the file.

Note: Some files may not recoverable and you should not rely on this feature. Remember to save your work frequently and keep a backup in another location.