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Remote Access to Files

What you can access

Students - M Drive. This does not apply to Faculty of Engineering and Informatics students - please contact your faculty IT support.

Staff - G and H Drives (departmental network drives). This does not apply to staff in the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics - please contact your local IT support. You also have an M Drive.

Accessing your files using the NetStorage web interface

Note: If you are using a mobile device or want to transfer files larger than 2GB do not use this method. Instead you may want to try the WebDAV interface instead.

Logging in

  1. Go to: Note this is case sensitive.
  2. Type in your University username and password and press Enter. The Home@BRAD folder on the left will contain the folders and files in your M or G drive.

Downloading a file

Before a file can be opened it must be downloaded onto the computer you are using.

  1. Using the Folders pane on the left, navigate to the folder containing your file. Files within the selected folder will appear in the middle portion of the screen.
  2. From list, click on the checkbox next to the file to be downloaded.
  3. Click on File.
  4. From the dropdown list select Download…
    Note: A warning may appear to inform you that for security reasons the download has been blocked. If so, click on the warning bar and select Download File... You may need to complete steps 2-4 again.
  5. In the dialog box, click on Save.
  6. Navigate to where you want to save the file on your computer and click on Save.
  7. Click on Open to use the file, or Close to use it later.

Uploading a file

  1. Using the Folders pane on the left, navigate to the folder where the file is to be saved.
  2. Click on File and then Upload...
  3. Click on Browse…, navigate to the file on your computer and click on Open.
  4. If the file is a later version of one already saved, ensure the checkbox next to Overwrite Existing Files is checked or unchecked as appropriate.
  5. Click on Upload. Notice that the file appears on screen.

Logging out

  1. Click on the open door icon on the menu bar.

Accessing your files using the NetStorage WebDav interface

If you are using a mobile device or want to transfer files over 2GB you may want to try access your files on NetStorage via a WebDav interface. To do this a 3rd party WebDav client will need to be used. Such clients are available for nearly all platforms.

Note: be aware that we cannot offer support for this 3rd party software and that you use it at your own risk. However we have successfully tested it with: Windows: CyberDuck, MAC OSX: CyberDuck, Android: x-Plore, iOS: GoodReader.

To use this interface you will need the following details:

Please note: Staff smartphone and tablet users accessing network files from their devices should have their devices configured for Office 365. This is used for mobile email and calendar synchronisation, but also provides remote wipe functionality for lost or stolen devices which helps to protect University data.