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Office 365 ProPlus

Current students and staff can download the latest version of Microsoft Office via Office 365 ProPlus free of charge through their University Office 365 email account. It can be installed on up to five personally owned PCs or Macs, as well as mobile devices including iPad, Android and Windows tablets.

Office 365 ProPlus is licensed by Microsoft for home use only and therefore should not be downloaded on University PCs.

Once downloaded, Office 365 ProPlus will be available for you to use online and offline for the duration of your course or employment at the University. You may be asked to log in to Office 365 periodically to keep the Office products activated.

Currently when your course finishes, or your employment ends, your Office 365 subscription will also end. Any Office 365 ProPlus software you have installed will go into reduced functionality mode, so make sure that you copy any files that you want to keep before you leave the University.


  • OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage that is available to you as part of your University's Office 365 account (along with email and calendar). Saving your academic work to OneDrive means you can access your files anywhere, anytime via the Portal. Please be careful when deleting files from OneDrive; the University cannot retrieve deleted items for you. Deleted items are moved to the OneDrive's Recycle Bin and retained for 90 days, or until the bin is emptied, but after this time files cannot be recovered.
  • It is recommended that you continue to use Outlook on the Web to access your email when off campus, rather than the Outlook desktop client which is part of Office ProPlus.
  • Before installing Office 365 ProPlus, please make sure that you check the system requirements, (select Office 365 subscription plans, then Office 365 plans for business, education and government).

Installing ProPlus

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