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Minitab is a computer application for statistical analysis. However, alternative applications such as SPSS or Matlab Statistics Toolbox (Matlab Statistics Toolbox is as an add-on module for Matlab) might be more appropriate for advanced analysis. 

University computers

Minitab is available on all cluster PCs and on staff PCs in some departments. To access it, click on Start - All Programs - Data Analysis.

Personal computers

A license from Minitab allows the University to distribute Minitab for Windows for use on personal computers belonging to current students and staff of the University only.

To install the latest version:

  1. Download this Minitab .exe file (you will need your University username and password), and extract it to your hard disk.
  2. Run Minitab.Exe. The setup wizard will start. Ensure you read all information provided during the installation.
  3. Click on OK when the installation is complete.


Tutorials are available within the Minitab system via the Help button on the menu bar.

For further help and support, contact IT Servicedesk or Minitab.