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SPSS is a computer application for statistical analysis. Analysis can be done in both interactive and non-interactive modes.

SPSS is available on staff PCs and Information Services cluster PCs. University students and staff can also install SPSS on their personal computers or on University computers via a download.


The licence is valid for a year under the current agreement and expires on 31 July of each year. There are two kinds of licence:

  • Network licence – used on cluster and staff PCs where installation is done via UoB Apps.
  • Site licence - used on standalone University PCs and personal computers. Site licence maintenance (license installation, renewal) is the responsibility of the user concerned.

Installing SPSS

To install SPSS from a networked cluster or staff PC, click on Start - All ProgramsData Analysis. The installation will begin automatically.

To download SPSS you will need:

  • an authorisation code – this is valid from 1 August to 31 July the following year. To receive the code, please complete this online form and it will be emailed to you. If you want to renew your licence, please complete the same form.
  • a lock Code – this is only required if your computer does not have an internet connection and is specific to the computer on which you are going to install SPSS. Without this you will not be able to obtain the license form the supplier of SPSS. Please refer to the SPSS Installation guide.

Follow this SPSS download guide.

Running multiple versions

It is possible to run multiple versions of SPSS on your computer if you have sufficient disk space. You can install the most recent version and run that alongside any older version.

You will need to obtain a renewal activation code for the older version. However, if you do not have any compelling reason to run an older version, we would advise you to run only the most current version.


  • Use the free Presidion Academic Portal to access useful resources, including helpful tips, video tutorials and sample data sets. To log in you will need to register. Complete the form with your University email address. You will receive an email with a link to verify your account.
    Note: If when registering you selected the lecturer user type, you will be contacted for further information to verify that you are a lecturer. Lecturers have access to an additional ‘Lecturer tab’ containing teachings resources. Until the verification process is complete you will have student level access.
  • Contact IT Servicedesk with full description of the problem - include error numbers and screenshots where relevant.