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File Storage

Don't save files on the C: drive

IT Services recommends that you don't save files to the C: drive (or hard disk) on your office PC or Mac. This includes your Desktop and Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos folders.

The reason is that if a problem arises with your machine, you are likely to lose those files.

Which drive should be used instead

We provide two main network drives (the G: and H: drives), which are backed up frequently for you on our servers, so files can be retrieved if you accidentally delete them.

When saving files, many will default to the C: drive, so please change the destination to the G: or H: drive.

If work is highly confidential, or generally of no interest to others, the G: drive (viewable only by you) is the best place to save it. Otherwise the best place to save work is the H: drive (viewable by a number of people in your department). Both drives are available off campus.

If you have more than 50Gb of data to store, you can request for your file space to be increased. We can also set up secure shared areas for a workgroup of people (or whole departments) if the need arises. Please contact IT Servicedesk for more information.

What shouldn't be stored on any of the drives

  • Games and other recreational or personal software;
  • Non-work related graphic files;
  • Large work-related extract files which are already stored elsewhere;
  • Screen-savers;
  • Any programs (even those used for work purposes), due to the risk of virus infection and accidental deletion. If there is a requirement to use a specialist piece of software, please contact IT Servicedesk.