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Working Off Campus

This page provides links to tools that can help you to work outside the office when the need arises.

Please note: there is currently no 'working from home' policy. Requests must be directed to line managers for discussion.

Via the web

Via your mobile device

  • Email and calendar.
  • Forward your office extension to a mobile - you can request this service via IT Servicedesk. Please provide your mobile phone number and specify which of the following profiles you would like setting up:
    • A permanent forwarding to your mobile which will happen automatically if your extension has rung a number of times. Note: you can specify the number of rings but even with as few as two, many callers hang up before the call diverts to mobile due to the delay when switching over.
    • A code that can be put onto your extension before leaving. This will cause all calls to be diverted straight to your mobile until it is turned off.