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Library Comments and Statistics

Evaluating library performance - How are we doing?

You value the library service we provide – 90% of you in the NSS said you were satisfied with the library resources and spaces, higher than the average across UK Universities (88%)

We spend more of the total library budget on information than the average across UKHE, 50% of total library expenditure compared to 43% as an average in UK Universities.

We work closely with academic staff and your student reps to ensure we have the best set of resources to support your studies. We are pleased to see you are using our resources well.

  • You use our ebooks more than the average for students in the UK (235 ebook section requests compared to an average across all universities of 188).
  • You are borrowing slightly more print books than average (12 books per FTE compared to 11 across UK Universities)
  • Your use of journal articles is slightly below the UK average (at 119 articles per student compared to 144 articles per student across all UK universities) should you want help finding and using journal article information please contact us!
  • You visit us more than students visit libraries at other universities (79 visits each a year compared to 75 across all UK Universities)

Just because we think the above means we are providing a very good library service, doesn't mean we aren't interested in your comments and feedback. Either use the feedback form or email

*All data from SCONUL statistics 2016-7



If you have comments, positive or negative, about the library service, please, email us or complete the feedback form.

Some recent comments and our replies are provided below.

Praise for what we are doing well

  • The library and skills workshops are fantastic!
  • I’ve really liked the flexibility around library opening hours, as an environment for learning its friendly and helpful.
  • I find it very hard to work at home, the library is my main place of study.
  • The librarians were very helpful.

"There are too few computers in the library"

  • We have increased the number of computers available for loan within the library.
  • We have 48 laptops for 2 hour loan in the laptop cabinet (we recently doubled the number of laptops available this way). And we know you like using them, the 24 we had last year we re borrowed more than 17000 times.
  • We also have 24 laptops in the 24hour UBorrow loan scheme at JBP and a further 12 at the Management Library.

 (Bradford Student Survey 2017)

"You don't get to borrow books for a long period of time."

  • We try to balance the number of copies of books we can afford, with the number of students on the course, and loan periods which means everyone gets a chance to use the resources.
  • To do this we receive reports each week of the book which have reservations placed on them and evaluate the level of supply of those books against demand. Where demand is high we may purchase additional copies or make books shorter loan periods so they circulate more quickly amongst the students who need to read them.
  • Help us by placing reservations for books you need to read but can’t get hold of.

  (National Student Survey 2017)

"It would be better if there were more books for my course..."

  • We are always trying to balance the need for reading list items with those to support broader understanding of topics. Good degrees require going beyond just what is on the reading list. If you need a core textbook and all the copies are on loan please reserve one and we will put you in the queue.
  • We purchase reading list texts as ebooks where available, but unfortunately, not all books (especially textbooks) are available electronically. We are purchasing more background reading as ebooks too, we have more than 450000 ebooks on the catalogue.

  (Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2017)

"Printing is too expensive..."

  • Printing has just been upgraded across the university and we have included in the upgrade a 20% price cut to the cost of printing. Prior to this we benchmarked our printing costs against local universities  so our charges are now below average.
  • We encourage you to only print what you need.
  • For a cheaper alternative to photocopying, scan to email is available as a free service at all printers.

 (National Student Survey 2017)

"Talking in the library silent zones is annoying"

  • We try to maintain a reasonable level of study based activity on level 1 and within the group study rooms. If you are experiencing excessive disturbance please text security (07824 525906)
  • As well as the silent space on floor 2, we have a silent study computer room in JBP 2.7 and also a silent study area in JBP 0.17, get your card enabled for access by going to the Enquiry desk on floor 0.
  • We know some noise leaks through the light wells from floor 1 to floor 2, please let us know when this is an issue and we will try to address it.

 (Bradford Student Survey 2017)