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Library Comments and Statistics


Libraries and how students use them are changing. We have looked back at some statistics of our library use:

  • Increasing spending on information - the total expenditure on information has increased by 50% over the last 5 years. Book and print expenditure has fallen slightly whilst provision of electronic information (eBooks, eJournals etc.) has increased.
  • Providing the right books - The total number of books, both print and electronic, bought for you to use each year, has increased.
  • Helping you to find the information you need – There is so much information out there: how do you know what is the right source to use? Over the last decade the number of teaching hours by library staff has doubled and the number of students attending sessions has more than doubled.
  • Creating a library you want to work in – following library refurbishments over the last five years, we have seen around a 40% increase in the numbers of you working in our libraries. We are constantly evaluating the study environment to ensure it meets your changing study needs.


If you have comments, positive or negative, about the library service, please, email us or complete the feedback form.

Some recent comments and our replies are provided below.

Praise for what we are doing well

  • The library and skills workshops are fantastic!
  • I’ve really liked the flexibility around library opening hours, as an environment for learning its friendly and helpful.
  • I find it very hard to work at home, the library is my main place of study.
  • The librarians were very helpful.

"There aren’t enough computers especially at deadline time"

  • We have increased the number of computers available within the J.B. Priestley Library.
  • In 2014 we introduced a laptop cabinet of 24 self-issue laptops to use in the J.B. Priestley Library for up to two hours.
  • We also have 30 laptops in the 24-hour UBorrow loan scheme.
  • Remember you can also print wirelessly from your own laptops.

(Bradford Student Survey 2014)

"More chairs in the ground floor of the library"

  • We have introduced as much seating on Floor 0 of the J.B. Priestley Library as will physically fit in the current space.
  • In Summer 2014 we created a new collaborative space with 60 seats on Floor 01 with plasma screens and PCs for group work, and moveable tables.

 (Bradford Student Survey 2014)

"I want more essential reading list books to be available as ebooks"

  • We are really pleased you are finding the ebooks useful.
  • We have massively increased the number of eBooks in the last two years to around 420,000, which is as many as in our print collections.
  • We purchase reading list texts as eBooks where available. Not all books are available electronically.

 (Bradford Student Survey 2014)

"If we could get more copies of key books it would be beneficial"

  • We are working to receive reading lists in good time and to ensure all reading list items are available.
  • We also regularly monitor book usage and reports on reservations to ensure books in highest demand are made shorter loan to circulate so everyone can do their reading.
  • We also use this information to inform our decisions to purchase additional copies.
  • If there are key books we need more copies of, please tell us which titles via email.

(National Student Survey 2014, Social Work Student)

"Too much noise escapes from Floor 1 interfering with silent study on Floor 2"

  • We try to maintain a reasonable level of study-based activity on Floor 1 and within the group study rooms. If you are experiencing excessive disturbance, please text security (07824 525906).
  • As well as the silent space on Floor 2, we have a silent study computer room in J.B. Priestley Building, room 2.7 and a silent study area in room 0.17. Get your card enabled for access by going to the Enquiry Desk on Floor 0.

 (Clinical Sciences Staff Student Liaison Committee, 2014)