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Information for Visitors

All visitors to the J. B. Priestley Library who do not have an access card are advised that enhanced security arrangements are currently in place. Please call our Security Team when you arrive using the emergency help point intercom which is on your right as you approach the main entrance to the building.  

We are able to register new external members during our staffed hours only. Please check our opening hours before travelling. 

SCONUL Access Scheme

SCONUL Access is a reciprocal scheme which allows many university library users to borrow or use books at other libraries which belong to the scheme. The scheme covers most of the university libraries in the U.K. and Ireland. It provides borrowing access for most:

  • staff on open or fixed term contracts;
  • postgraduate research students registered for a PhD, MPhil or similar qualification;
  • part-time, distance learning and placement students; and
  • full-time postgraduate course students.

And reference access for most:

  • full-time undergraduate students.

Further details can be found on the SCONUL Access website.

Membership of SCONUL Access is granted by your home University Library. You can apply online using the SCONUL Access website. The University of Bradford offers access to all SCONUL Access members. Please bring your SCONUL Access membership email from your home institution (or SCONUL Access card), along with your student card to the Welcome Desk in the J. B. Priestley Library. Please check our opening hours before travelling. For maps and directions please see our How to find us page.

SCONUL Access members are able to borrow books as follows:

  • Band A members: 18 books.
  • Band B members: 4 books.
  • Band C members: 4 books.

Band R members are not able to borrow books.

Please note: SCONUL Access members are not able to book or reserve items or to borrow laptops or other very short loan items. We are not able to make our electronic resources available to external library users at this time.

SCONUL Summer Vacation Access Scheme

Under the terms of the SCONUL Summer Vacation Access Scheme, students from other institutions whose libraries are members of SCONUL may have access to the University Library for reference purposes. 

Students will need to present their valid library / ID card at the Welcome Desk in the J. B. Priestley Library or the Enquiry Desk at the Management and Law Library. Please see opening hours, contact details and How to find us page.

Graduates of the University of Bradford

Alumni of the University are automatically entitled to reference and study use of the Library after leaving the University.

Graduates who wish to apply for a reference card should go to the Welcome Desk in the J. B. Priestley Library and complete an application form. There is no charge for reference access.

If borrowing is required, there is a charge of £35.00 per year which will allow four books to be borrowed at any one time. Please ask at the Welcome Desk for further information.

NB! Inter-Library Loan and IT facilities, including access to subscribed online resources are not accessible to alumni. Check the Library's information page on selected eResources available to all users.

Students from Bradford College

Students from Bradford College may not use the Library unless prior permission has been obtained by the College Director of Learning Resources, on their behalf. Where such permission has been granted the letter of authority must be produced.

Information for non-members of the University

Members of the public may have limited access to the University Library collections as follows:

  1. European Documentation Centre: Members of the public who wish to consult documents from the European Union may do so. An appointment with the EDC Librarian should be made in advance.
  2. Members of the public may consult specific books or journals to which there is no other reasonable local access. Applications should be made in advance to the Welcome Desk in order that the availability of the items can be verified.
  3. University of Bradford theses. Applications must be made in advance as collections from the thesis store are only made twice each day. Proof of name and address is required.
  4. The Commonweal Collection is an independent specialist library concerned with issues relating to non-violent social change. Further information about the Collection, including information on membership, can be found on the Commonweal Collection home page
  5. Special Collections. Over 100 collections of archives and rare books on University history, Bradford, the Yorkshire Dales, peace, archaeology and much more. Most are open to everyone (by appointment). See the Special Collections website for more information, ways we can help, and how to contact us.

Members of the public who wish to make more general use of the Library must apply in writing to the Welcome Desk, stating the reason for the request.