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Information for school and college visitors

Teachers and college lecturers wanting to send students to a University of Bradford Library for the EPQ or another project

We ask that you send in all the interested pupils together, with a teacher or school librarian, for an introductory group induction session in the J. B. Priestley Library; we can arrange for staff and / or pupils to have reference cards after that if necessary.  

We can also do teaching sessions about using our resources, referencing, evaluating sources, or other library-related skills. Please contact to discuss when you want to come in and what you would like us to include in the visit. We cannot offer inductions or teaching sessions from September - October.

Our Special Collections include the J. B. Priestley Archive, Bradford history and many other unique resources.  The Special Collections Librarian is very interested to discuss visits and collaboration with teachers.

We are happy to be of use to schools and colleges, but please note that:

  • We typically give long-term reference use to pupils only for a specific need which they cannot satisfy at their own school or college library.
  • The School Visitor external cards are free of charge but there are restrictions on the times they can be used. During our term, access is available as follows:

    • Weekdays after 4pm only

    • Any time at the weekend except

    • No access at all during our exam periods (January and May) as all the study space is needed by our students. 

      Check the Library opening hours before a visit. 

  • Pupils will not be able to borrow books. Photocopiers are available to copy from books and journals. Fees apply. 
  • Visiting pupils must appreciate that our Libraries are primarily for the use of our own students and staff and must abide by our regulations. We offer different study areas, including quiet and silent zones, and pupils are expected to use them correctly.
  • Pupils will not be able to book our group study rooms, but may use the open collaborative study areas.

The University's page dedicated to schools and colleges provides more information about visits to other parts of the University, our schools workshop programme and Taster Days. Alternatively, you may contact our education liaison staff by email.

School or college students wanting to use our library services

We are generally not open to the public. See our visitor information page for more details.

If there is a particular resource that you need and cannot otherwise get hold of, contact our Welcome Desk for details on how to apply for a visitor's ticket.  We will consider applications on an individual basis. You may need to provide a supporting letter from your school or college. Students from Bradford College must ask the College Director of Learning Resources to apply to us on their behalf.

Pupils wishing to use our Management and Law Library at Emm Lane also need to apply for a visitor's ticket via the J. B. Priestley Library Welcome Desk. Further details for potential visitors to MLRC may be obtained by contacting Ellie Clement, the Librarian for Management and Law, via email.

Our Special Collections include the J. B. Priestley Archive, Bradford history and many other unique resources.  Students interested in using Special Collections should contact the Special Collections team directly.

Tips on how to get the best out of books and eResources for your studies

The Library's study tips page will help you to think about skills that will be useful to you at Key Stage 5 and also give you a head start on how you will be using resources at University.