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Official Publications

UK Government Information

  • (external link) - UK government information, services, departments and local government.
  • UKOP Online (external link) - complete catalogue of British official publications from 1980 to the present. Most of these items will be in the Library stock (British Government Publications section, Floor 2).
  • TSO bookshop (external link) - searchable catalogue which includes information on recently published official and regulatory titles.
  • The UK Parliament (external link) - information on all aspects of Parliament.
  • (external link) - search for legislation from 1267 to the present, statutory instruments and impact assessments.
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers - 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st century British official publications. 
  • National Archives (external link) - UK government's official archives from the Domesday book to selected government websites from August 2003 onwards.

Full text publications online (complete series)

EU Information

US Government Information

International Organisations