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MyiLibrary migration to eBook Central

Published: Thu 15 Feb 2018

MyiLibrary is migrating to eBook Central

MyiLibary, one of our eBook platforms, is to merge with eBook Central which you may already know as the host for our big ebrary collection. Due to this merger, all our Myilibrary eBooks will soon appear in Ebook Central. Nothing will change as to how you access the old MyiLibrary titles. Simply use the catalogue or Summon to find and access content. 

However, we have been informed that any notes or annotations made to MyiLibrary titles will be lost, unless they are saved before this move takes place on 21 Mar 2018. 

Anyone who has made notes/annotations, or used the bookmarking and highlighting tools on MyiLibrary titles, and wishes to retain these, is strongly encouraged to export these by printing or emailing them before the designated date. Further instructions are available online.

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