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Group Study Room Bookings and Equipment Loans

The group study rooms are located on Floors 01, 0 and 1 of the J. B. Priestley Library. These rooms are intended for work purposes only and will accommodate groups between 3 and 8 students. They are available on weekdays from 09.00 - 16.30, except Thursdays when the rooms are available from 10.00 - 16.30. 

Trial of keyless access and extended opening of group study rooms

Six group study rooms, rooms 01.54, 01.55, 01.56, 01.57, 1.12 and 1.13, are available from 09.00 - 21.30 on weekdays during term on a trial basis. These rooms are left unlocked, please ensure you book before using the space to ensure you can stay for the length of time needed. Be sure to leave promptly at the end of your session ready for the next booking. 

Strict terms and conditions apply for room bookings. Please familiarise yourself with them to avoid fines.

Card Access Group Study Rooms - Terms of Use (pdf, 57 KB )

Card Access Group Study Rooms - Terms of Use (docx, 57 KB )

Keyless Access Group Study Rooms - Terms of Use (pdf, 80 KB)

Keyless Access Group Study Rooms - Terms of Use (docx, 57 KB )

Seminar rooms in Student Central may also be booked outside normal teaching periods. Bookings must be made in advance through the Student Union. The booking instructions and booking request form are available from the Student Union Book A Room page.

How to book a room or item of equipment

  1. Go to the Library's list of available rooms or items to book.
  2. Click on the item you wish to book.
  3. Click on Book this item.
  4. Log in using your UoB number and the issue number and your Library PIN.
  5. Select the date and time you would like the booking to start and finish (maximum slot allowed is 2 hours). 
  6. Click on the Submit button. The screen will now tell you that your booking has been successful.
  7. Collect the item at the Library enquiries point within 15 minutes of the booking start time.

Note: return any equipment promptly once your booking has finished. Fines apply even for a delay of less than 5 minutes. Students with significant fines or overdue library materials will not be able to collect a key for their room booking.

How to cancel a booking

  1. Log in to your library record using your UoB number and your Library PIN.
  2. Click on the items booked for future use link.
  3. Tick the box next to the booking you wish to cancel then click on Cancel selected.

Note: please cancel bookings you no longer need as it frees a room for other students to use.

Equipment available in group study rooms

Other items available to book

3 Disarticulated Half Skeletons

Things to consider when making bookings

  • The bookings system requires a 10 minute gap between bookings to allow sufficient time for keys and other items to be returned. If you are unable to make a booking in the window you require, check for any bookings before or after yours. You may need to deduct 10 minutes from the beginning or end of your booking to allow for the necessary window of time.
  • Group study rooms and skeletons are not currently available at weekends. 

Other items available to loan

Laptops are available to loan from the JBP Library