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Special Collections reproduction, copyright and publishing services

Introducing our services

Special Collections offers services which aim to balance user needs with the well-being of precious originals in the collections and our obligations under UK copyright law.  The law relating to archival copyright is complex and subject to frequent change: see Special Collections and copyright law for further guidance.

Personal photography | Mediated services | Re-use, publication and commercial use | How to pay | How to cite

Frequently asked questions

Services for non-commercial users

The following services are for users whose work on the collections is for academic, scholarly or personal interest and who require copies for their personal research.  Other kinds of user, or anyone wishing to use copies for any other purpose should see the section on Re-use.

Personal digital photography

We encourage visitors to bring their own digital cameras or smartphones to capture images for their own research.

However, such use is at the discretion of the Special Collections Librarian or the staff member on duty and must not disturb other readers or staff (i.e. no flash, sound or tripods).  Let us know in advance if you wish to use any equipment of this sort so we can arrange a suitable appointment.

The following restrictions apply to personal photography:

  • UK copyright law.
  • Collections care. Photography is gentle on collections as no contact is made, but it is possible to do harm by leaning on items or breaking book spines.  We offer book snakes, supports and weights to help you get the image you need without damaging precious originals.
  • Data protection. We are unable to allow personal photography of material restricted under the Data Protection Act.

There is no charge for personal digital photography.

Visitors are not permitted to photocopy or use any equipment which touches originals to reproduce Special Collections materials.

Services provided by Special Collections staff

Special Collections offers photocopying and digitisation services for enquirers who for practical or legal reasons cannot take advantage of personal digital photography.  We need a declaration form and payment before we can go ahead with copying.  Remote enquirers should contact us to obtain a quotation for likely costs before completing their declaration.

Rates for Special Collections reprographic services (pdf, 28 KB)

Declaration forms:

Special Collections copyright declaration unpublished works (69kb, docx)

Special Collections copyright declaration unpublished works (140 kb)

Special Collections copyright declaration published works (69kb, docx)

Special Collections copyright declaration published works (143kb, pdf)

Please note these services are limited by:

  • Staff time.  We are a small service.  We will do our best to help you but may have to decline or postpone very large copying jobs at busy times of year.
  • UK copyright law. For instance, we can only legally supply one article from a journal.
  • Collections care.  We will only photocopy of scan items which in our expert opinion will not be harmed by the process: not, for instance, oversize or tightly bound volumes or items with brittle paper.   We may be able to photograph these materials but this takes longer and may cost you more.
  • Data protection.  We can’t supply copies of archive material restricted by the Data Protection Act though we may be able to offer redacted copies.

Re-use, publication and commercial use

Please contact the Special Collections Librarian for commercial copying, to re-use copies or to publish Special Collections material.   If the rights are not held by Special Collections, you will also need to contact the rights holder.  We will help you with making such contact if we can, but you are responsible for your own due diligence research and for any infringements of copyright.

As with any request for copyright permission, please plan ahead and ask as soon as possible: allow at least six weeks to obtain permission, especially if the rights are held by third parties.

Special Collections supports open access and re-use of our material wherever possible.  You will find some material (for instance our recent Archive Catalogues) published online with Creative Commons licences. We encourage the sharing of such material – and do contact Special Collections to let us know what you do with it!  We are always interested to hear about the ways people are using Special Collections.

How to pay for copying and publishing services

Special Collections can accept the following payment methods at present:

  • Cheques: please make payable to the University of Bradford and send them to Special Collections with your declaration or publication form.
  • Credit card: pay by credit card at the Library Welcome Desk, either in person or by telephoning 01274 233301.  You will need to tell staff there that what you are paying for and how much.  The Desk is open 9-5 weekdays (10-5 Thursdays, see Opening hours webpage).

How to cite Special Collections

Please acknowledge your use of Special Collections material by quoting the archive reference number, for instance: Special Collections, University of Bradford, PRI 7/6/10.