Borrowing and returning items

Finding books

Use the Library Catalogue to check availability and locate the item on the shelves using the class number. Please watch our video guide for help.

If we don't have the item in stock, you can use our Inter-Library Loans service for a modest fee, or one of our Library access schemes.


What can I borrow?

  • Undergraduate Students: 12 items plus 6 Short Loan items.
  • Postgraduate Students: 18 items plus 6 Short Loan items.
  • Non-Academic Staff: 12 items plus 6 Short Loan items.
  • Academic Staff: 18 items plus 6 Short Loan items.


Note: All items will be automatically renewed on the due date if possible.


Check your loans and return dates online

Your loans and their return dates are shown in your My Library account. Please return any items by the due date if you receive notification that items have not been automatically renewed.

(Quick Service items are short-loan items).

Note: Loan periods vary, and you cannot borrow anything if you have a fine of £5 or more.

Borrowing and returning

Use the self-issue machines to borrow library materials. Short Loan items and materials you have reserved may be borrowed using a dedicated self-issue machine located in the self-service room at the JB Priestley Library. Please watch our video guide for help using the machines. 

Use the self-return machine in the wall to the left of the Welcome Desk outside the JB Priestley Library. There is a video guide demonstrating the use of the self-return machine.