Renewing and reserving items

How do I renew items?

  • Log into your record via the Library Catalogue
  • Click the renew all button or select the items you wish to renew and click the renew selected button.
  • Click to confirm that you do wish to renew the books.
  • Check that each item has a new due date.
  • You will see a message if an item could not be renewed.
  • Please contact us at your earliest opportunity if you have any questions about the due date or fines incurred. 

Please note that you cannot renew if you have a fine of £5 or more, or if the book has been reserved.

Automatic renewals and reservations

If an item you have on loan is reserved by another reader then automatic renewal of that item will no longer be possible. 

You are still expected to renew items if you plan to be away from the University for a period of time, including placements and holidays. 

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How do I reserve a book?

If all our copies of the book you want are on loan you may reserve a copy.

  1. Click on the 'Reserve' option in the book’s catalogue record and type in your 8 digit student number and your library PIN.
  2. Select the Library you wish to pick up your reservation from and click on the 'Submit' button. You will see a 'reservation successful' message.

Please note that:

  • Once a copy becomes available the Library will notify you by email. The email will contain all the information you need in order to collect the book, including the classmark for items collected from the JB Priestley Library. 
  • Sometimes there can be several reservations on a title. You will be added to the reservation queue and reservations will be satisfied in order of priority.
  • You cannot reserve if you have a fine of £5 or more.
  • It is not possible to reserve books which are showing as available on the library catalogue. Please ask for assistance at one of the library enquiry points if you are unable to find a book on the shelves.

How to collect a reserved book

At the JB Priestley Library, the reserved books are in the Self-Service Room. This is on Floor 0 in the JB Priestley Library.

Books are shelved in classmark order. Each reserved book has a slip with a UB number on it. If there is more than one copy of the book you have reserved please ensure you take the copy with your UB number on the slip. 

There is an issue machine in the Self-Service Room; you must issue the book using this machine. You will only be able to issue books that are reserved for you.