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Dr Julie Bond

PositionSenior Lecturer in Archaeology
LocationK10, Richmond building
DepartmentSchool of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences
Telephone+44 (0) 1274 233534

Study History

Julie was one of the first graduates in Archaeological Sciences at Bradford.

She worked for the Sheffield Museum Service before taking an MA at Sheffield in Paleoeconomy and Environmental Archaeology (1983).

She worked as a specialist in archaeozoology and archaeobotany and as a field archaeologist for bodies such as the Ancient Monuments Laboratory, Historic Scotland and the British Museum, before undertaking an SERC-funded PhD on ‘Change and continuity in an island system; the palaeoeconomy of Sanday, Orkney’ (Bradford 1995).

Professional History

She became assistant director and post-excavation manager for the Old Scatness and Jarlshof Environs Project and in 1999 became a lecturer, but is still part-funded by the Old Scatness project and (since 2006) by Viking Unst.

She is part of the international Heart of the Atlantic project, centred on the Faroe Islands.

Professional Activities

  • Member NABO; Co-Chair Palaeobotany Working Group, Member, Archaeozoology Working Group
  • Member, Association for Environmental Archaeology (Committee member 1996-2000), International Council for Archaeozoology, European Association of Archaeologists
  • Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
  • Reviewer, Environmental Archaeology, Journal of Archaeological Science
  • Conference organiser, NABO 2008; Archaeological futures, a research agenda for the North Atlantic

Research Areas

Julie’s field research consists of excavation in the North Atlantic on projects such as:

  • Old Scatness (1995-present; assistant director & post excavation manager), the Historic Scotland site of Jarlshof (co-director)
  • Undir Junkarinsfløtti (the international Heart of the Atlantic project, involving the Faroese National Museum, City University New York, Durham and Bradford Universities)
  • Viking Unst project (a major initiative with Shetland Amenity Trust for which she is excavation director; funded principally by Heritage Lotteries Fund her team includes researchers from the Universities of Bradford, Durham, Glasgow, CUNY and Stirling)

Julie is also a co-investigator in the NSF IPY application ‘Island connections: comparative historical ecology in Faroes, Iceland and Greenland’, (PI McGovern, CUNY).

Her lab-based work concentrates on aspects of palaeoeconomy and the social and ritual use of animals.

Her research focuses on the following themes:

Continuity and change in the subsistence base of settlements in the North Atlantic region

The impact of climate and environment and the stability of agrarian strategies in marginal environments. Projects: Pool, Tofts Ness, Old Scatness, Jarlshof, Heart of the Atlantic and Viking Unst. Publications: Bond & MacSween 1998, Bond 1998, Dockrill, Bond & O’Connor 1998, Bond 2002, Bond 2003, Bond, Guttman & Simpson 2004, Bond, Nicholson & Simpson 2005, Turner, Nicholson Dockrill & Bond 2005, Bond, Nicholson & Simpson 2005, Nicholson, Barber & Bond 2005, Hunter, Bond & Smith 2007, Dockrill, Bond, Nicholson & Smith 2007. Research students, Cussans, Wooding (AHRC)

Detecting agricultural intensification in the archaeological record

Publications: Bond 1998, Bond & O’Connor 1998, Bond 2002, Bond 2003, Bond, Guttman and Simpson 2004, Mulville, Bond & Craig 2005, Bond, Nicholson & Simpson 2005, Dockrill, Bond, Nicholson & Smith 2007, Hunter, Bond & Smith, 2007.

Viking settlement in the North Atlantic region and cultural and economic change at the Viking Landnám in the North Atlantic settlements


  • Pool
  • Old Scatness
  • Jarlshof
  • Viking Unst
  • Heart of the Atlantic

Publications: Bond 1998, Bond 2002, Bond 2003, Forster & Bond 2004, Hunter, Bond & Smith 2007. Research students; Redmond (AHRC, 2005), Mustchin, Summers (AHRC)

The ritual and symbolic use of animals, especially in funerary practices; the taphonomy and significance of cremated animal bone in archaeological contexts.


  • Sancton
  • Sutton Hoo
  • Spong Hill
  • Brougham
  • Ingleby

Publications: Bond 1996, McKinley & Bond 2001, Bond and Worley 2004, Bond 2005, Bond & Worley 2006, Richards, Beswick, Bond, Jecock, McKinley, Rowland & Worley 2004. Research student Worley (AHRC).


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