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Dr Randolph Donahue

PositionSenior Lecturer in Archaeology and Anthropology
LocationK14, Richmond building
DepartmentSchool of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences
Telephone+44 (0) 1274 235531

Research Interests (key words only)

hunter-gatherer adaptive strategies

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Current teaching responsibilities include contributions to introductory level modules:

  • World Archaeology
  • Archaeology of the British Isles
  • Advanced undergraduate modules:
  • Early Prehistory
  • Lithics
  • Experimental Archaeology and Ethnoarchaelogy

Postgraduate modules:

  • Site Evaluation Methods
  • Palaeolithic Archaeology

He currently supervises five PhD students (funded by AHRC, NERC and other sources).


He taught for three years at SUNY – Stony Brook and four years at the University of Sheffield before joining the School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences in 1994 and serving as Head from 2002 to 2004.

Study History

Donahue received his PhD in Anthropology from Michigan State University in 1986 where he specialised in the European Stone Age, archaeological (and quantitative) methods, hunter-gatherers, and lithic analyses. 

Professional Activities

Donahue is currently an Adjunct Professor, Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University; Director of the Lithic Microwear Laboratory and Curator of the Douglas Mazonowicz Prehistoric Art Collection, University of Bradford; and Chairs the SoLS Committee of Directors of Postgraduate Research.

He is a previous member of the UK Standing Committee for Archaeology; Director, Marie Curie Research Training Site “Archaeological Biogeochemistry”; and co-author of the NERC thematic programme EFCHED (with C. Gamble, A.M. Pollard). He is Associate Editor, CAPRA (Cave Archaeology and Palaeontology Research Archive), co-Guest Editor, Journal of Anthropological Archaeology (Vol. 25), and a reviewer for J. Archaeological Science, Archaeometry, J. of Anthropological Archaeology, and Current Anthropology.

Donahue organized the English Heritage Archaeological Cave Audit Conference in Settle, N. Yorkshire in March 2007) and the Mobility, Contact and Exchange in Temperate Mesolithic Europe symposium with W. Lovis & R. Whallon. at the Society for American Archaeology, Montreal in April 2004, and in September 2006 he was an Invited Session Co-ordinator, for La Tardiglaciale in Italia, Universitá di Roma (La Sapienza), Roma.

Research Areas

Donahue’s research activities are directed towards understanding the diversity of hunter-gatherer adaptive strategies from the early hominids to the origins of agriculture.

His current Palaeolithic research is examining causes and timing of the human population expansion in northwest Europe at the end of the Last Glacial Maximum, hunter-gatherer mobility and subsistence strategies during the Lateglacial in central Italy, and the hunting capabilities of archaic hominids and early AMH.

Cooperating with Prof. William Lovis (Michigan State University) he has completed the first phase of a major regional study examining hunter-gatherer mobility in boreal forests using the Mesolithic of Yorkshire as a case study (Hunter-Gatherers of the Yorkshire Dales).  The results are challenging previous models that failed to consider adequately the importance of long distance logistical mobility in such environments.

Donahue’s Palaeolithic and Mesolithic research has also led him to be actively engaged in cave archaeology: A Conservation Audit of Archaeological Cave Resources in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales.

Donahue has specialised in lithic microwear analysis, also referred to as use-wear analysis, which is applied to reconstruct past human activities, site function, social organisation, and site formation processes.

He is the Director of the Lithic Microwear Research Laboratory, located at the University of Bradford, which is further developing the techniques and carries out contract microwear work on stone tools from archaeological sites worldwide. Donahue’s expertise in lithic studies and the design of regional surveys has led him to be a Co-Investigator on various major research projects, including:

  • Socioeconomic Transformations on the Plain of Tehran, Iran

Donahue is involved in an ongoing public outreach project with York Museums Trust and Scarborough Museums with funding from Renaissance Yorkshire. The project includes hands-on sessions for adults and children based on archaeological evidence from Stone Age sites in Europe, with particular focus on Star Carr. As a finale, an annual Prehistory Fair is held on Scarborough Beach, the first having been held in 2007.

Donahue has been awarded over 100 grants and contracts including from AHRC, NERC, British Academy, English Heritage, Fulbright-Hays, Nuffield, and European Commission (Marie Curie Training Site).

Research Collaborations

Donahue has recently initiated a three year project to investigate hunter-gatherer resource procurement in the Late Glacial of peninsular Italy.

This is a collaborative effort between the Universities of Bradford, Royal Holloway, London, Oxford, Pisa, Florence and Rome, the Pigorini Museum and the isotope laboratories at the Max Planck Institute and the British National Isotope Geosciences Laboratory.

The project combines high precision dating with stable isotope analyses to study seasonal ungulate movement; analyses faunal remains to identify human predation; and investigates lithic raw material procurement, tool production and tool use to improve understanding of site function.


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