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Ms Alice O'Mahoney

PositionResearch Student
LocationPhoenix SW 2.07
DepartmentArchaeological Sciences
Telephone+44 (0) 1274 235737

Professional Activities

Membership of:

  • CIfA
  • Museum Association
  • CBA

Research Areas

Thesis title

Evaluating commercial and developer communication of archaeological finds with communities


randolph donahue, Dr Karina Croucher


Developer funded archaeology is promoted as being for public benefit, yet how effective it is in terms of public engagement has not been extensively evaluated. To address this, the overall research will focus on evaluating two areas of developer funded archaeology: firstly, the current level of interaction between commercial archaeological units and the public during developer funded excavation; secondly, the amount of collected data that is communicated to the public after the completion of these excavations. This will ascertain the current level of interaction and availability of commercially funded data to the public.

The objective of the research is to inform the ways in which developer-community interaction with local heritage issues could benefit the public perception of archaeology as a whole, with the scope of using community led projects as examples to generate policies of 'best practice'.

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