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Mr John Jackson

PositionResearch Student
DepartmentArchaeological Sciences

Research Areas

Thesis Title

Elementary School Attendance in Bradford, 1863-1903. A Case Study Using School Logbooks.


Dr Paul Jennings

Dr George Sheeran


My research seeks to investigate and analyse the reasons why Bradford perhaps more markedly than anywhere else in the country during the second half of the nineteenth-century experienced an on-going struggle to secure an acceptable level of attendance in its elementary schools. The focus of the research is on a largely untapped source of manuscript material. From 1863 head teachers of grant earning schools were required to keep a diary or logbook in which to record the progress of their school and matters affecting its daily routine. These documents, unique in their content to each school, provide original information about individual schools, and in both their prescribed and incidental commentary present, with indifference to the writer but not to the historian, a new perspective on the social, cultural, and economic factors influencing the local environment.

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