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A Career in Optometry

What is optometry?

Optometry comes from the Greek words 'optos' and 'metria', meaning 'eye' or 'vision' measurement.

Optometry is a healthcare profession involved in the examination of the visual system, the diagnosis of visual problems and ocular disease, and in some cases, the treatment of these conditions.

Optometrists work closely with other professionals including general medical practitioners, ophthalmologists, orthoptists and dispensing opticians, and play a key role in primary eyecare. They represent the front line of the eyecare service in the UK.

Optometry in the UK is a rapidly evolving profession due to the continuous stream of technological and clinical advances.

The number of sub-specialties continues to increase and there are numerous career pathways.

Why study optometry at Bradford?

Our optometry courses are:

  • Designed to provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to become a qualified optometrist
  • Delivered by qualified optometrists
  • Feature excellent facilities including the Eye Clinic and the Pre-clinical Ocular Health Assessment Lab, which you can go on a virtual 360° tour of below:

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