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Clinical Skills Suite

The Clinical Skills Suite has been designed to simulate a variety of scenarios to develop and assess pharmacy students' skills in patient consultations, clinical decision making and near patient testing.

The suite contains a large multi-purpose teaching area with a networked PC at each workstation and a number of smaller simulation rooms, for example a Weldricks Community Pharmacy and a Hospital Ward, where patient focused simulations are taught and assessed.

Each room has up-to-date audio-visual equipment including web-based cameras for recording simulations, allowing optimal feedback to students on the development of their clinical skills.

Industrial Pharmacy Lab

Bradford's newly refurbished Pharmaceutical Processes Lab enables students to explore the stages in the creation and design of a dosage form, both at the laboratory scale, and using larger scale production equipment.

An extensive range of pharmacopoeia testing equipment allows students to study aspects of quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Sterile Preparation Area

A sterile manufacturing suite has been commissioned to give students the opportunity to formulate and dispense medicines which must be prepared in a sterile environment.

These may be ophthalmic and parenteral products, including those more complex parenteral nutrition infusions which are tailored to the needs of undernourished patients. 

In addition, students can carry out quality control of both the environment itself and the medicines prepared in the suite.

Simulation Suite

The Faculty of Life Sciences has an iStan (patient simulator) as part of the Simulation Suite.  iStan is a top of the range patient simulator more commonly used for medical and medical trauma education.

It is widely used by the military for field training medics and is used for health and emergency education training worldwide.

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