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Cara Antoine

DBA, 2008-2014

Cara Antoine
  • Nationality: American/Dutch
  • Previous qualifications: MBA, MSM

On completion of my Master's programme in 1993, I took a pause from academia in order to bridge my knowledge to practice and get out into the world of gainful employment and real experience. I promised myself to never stop learning and that one day I would return to the classroom to pursue my Doctorate.

On joining Royal Dutch Shell in 2006, I realised instantly that this was the perfect culmination of time and place where my Doctoral ambitions would be relevant and would come to fruition. I entered the TiasNimbas-Bradford DBA in 2008 and the programme has offered the structure I was seeking to manage my family, job, school and travel schedules in a balanced and effective way.

Reflecting on the first three years of the DBA, I found tremendous value in making my assignments practical and relevant to the business environment in which I work. The topic of my study in Collaborative Innovation in Technology is of interest and importance to our corporate goals at Shell and the research methods taught in the DBA have enabled me to look practically into our challenges, to gain new insights and to apply learning that has improved our business.

The overall structure of the DBA allows students to learn academic approaches to becoming a qualified researcher and each segment of the programme thoroughly teaches the necessary stages to getting to write the final thesis. Beyond the academic lectures however, students will find incredible inspiration from the network of other DBA students, supervisors and administrative staff.

For me, staying engaged with a small study group and the Peer Review Workshops has been essential in order to continue to grow connections, learn from my classmates and find the encouragement to progress with my own research and thesis development!

A favourite tip to pass along to students at the start of new assignments is "just start writing". What may seem like a high word count to achieve when you begin your assignment will quickly become not enough and you will find yourself wishing for more.


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