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Mart Postma

MSc Marketing and Management, 2010

Mart Postma
  • From Amsterdam
  • Working as Brand Manager at Heineken

Mart Postma graduated from the MSc in Marketing and Management programme with a merit in 2010 and has enjoyed considerable success in his early sales and marketing career with global brewer, Heineken.

Mart is currently Junior Brand Manager for Heineken, his third role with the company, having previously being positioned as Regional Sales Manager. Mart initially joined Heineken as Brand Development Executive in early 2011.

Mart has fond memories of his time at University of Bradford School of Management describing the year he spent at the School as a “great experience” and one he feels has had many a positive impact on him both in a personal and professional context. Mart states that he “enjoyed every second. It was hard work but great fun”.

Why I chose University of Bradford School of Management

"I wanted to study an international focussed Master's programme to develop both my marketing as well general management skills.

My aim, by studying abroad, was to gain international experience and explore new cultures.

The structure of the MSc course at University of Bradford School of Management offered me the opportunity to study both marketing courses as well international management courses.

Furthermore the reputation of the School is of a high international standard due to the accreditations of various independent institutes."

First impressions of the School and University

"Until the moment I arrived in Bradford I didn’t know anything about the city I was going to spend a year living in.

From day one it was a great experience. During my time in Bradford I’ve met great friends from all over the world.

The University is well organised and everyone is so helpful and friendly that I quickly adapted to my new home."

Most enjoyable aspect of my time in Bradford

"I’ve met great people from all over the world. Plus I had the chance to really develop myself towards becoming a professional in a field I’m very interested in."

The impact my Bradford MSc had on me personally and professionally

"The MSc taught me to become a high standard marketing professional.

This degree and the career service support during the course really helped me achieving my goals."

My career since completing my MSc

"After graduation I started my career at Heineken. I’ve been with the company for nearly three years in sales management jobs in London and in the summer of 2013 I was offered the position of Brand Manager wherefore I moved over to the head office in Amsterdam."

What I like most about my current role

"The Heineken company is one of the largest brewers in the world. With marketing being in the centre of everything we do, this makes it great to work here. In my role as Brand Manager I’m working closely with all departments in the company. And the consumer is in the centre of everything we do. As a marketer, this is what makes it great to work here."

Why I decided to pursue a career in marketing

"It feels like I am making a profession out of a hobby. I love marketing and working for consumers.

I’ve always been interested in reasons why people buy certain brands. What makes some brands successful and what not. It’s a continuously changing environment which makes it very exciting to work in."

My goals for the future

"I would like to further develop myself as an international orientated marketing professional within the Heineken organisation. I would love to explore more different cultures and build brands that consumers love all over the world."

My advice to current or prospective students

"Be focussed. Know what makes you tick and aim high."

Final thoughts

"Work hard, play hard! So make the most out of your time at Bradford."


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