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Bradford PhD students and graduates

Hector Gonzalez Jimenez

PhD, 2014

  • Nationality: Spanish

“Being Spanish, but born and raised in Germany, I have always seen myself as multinational and been interested in different cultures from a young age. As a result, my career path has been very eclectic and has taken me all over the world. I chose to do my PhD at University of Bradford School of Management because of my interests in culture as well as branding."

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Elisa Chami-Castaldi

PhD 2010

  • Year of Graduation: 2010
  • Current position: Consultant in the Marketing Effectiveness and Insight group at Deloitte Consulting

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Jing Li

PhD, MA in Finance and Accounting Management, BSc in Business and Management Studies,

  • From China
  • Now a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Bradford

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Andreas Chronopoulos


  • Nationality: Greek

I have two Bachelor's degrees in business and computer science, a Master's in personnel management and a vocational certificate in business consultancy. My career has focused mainly on B2B sales roles in the Greek health sector (diagnostic centres and drugs warehouses), which has put me in contact with HR directors, health professionals, pharmacists, doctors, etc. Recently, I have been involved in the clinical trials sector.

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