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Frequently asked questions

What is the Effective Learning Service (ELS) for?

The ELS has been established to support School of Management students to maximise their academic learning (e.g. assignments and examinations) as well as help students adapt quickly and easily to UK academic requirements.

ELS provides various workshops during term time, helping students to study successfully and improve personal effectiveness. Read more about the workshops.

Where can you find the Effective Learning Service?

The Effective Learning Advisor, Martin Sedgley, is based in Room 0.11, Yvette Jacobson Building at School of Management.  This is normally where Martin sees students for 1:1 appointments.  An appointment at city campus can also be arranged.

Is the ELS just for students who are struggling?

We work with students of all abilities to help them improve in whatever way they need. Many are seeking further ways to achieve high grades.

What do we mean by 1:1 Consultations?

Martin Sedgley, the Effective Learning Advisor offers confidential, supportive, 1:1 consultations for all students at the School. You can use this for feedback on draft assignments, a general discussion on practical study techniques, or to talk through any personal difficulties that are hindering your success.

1:1 consultations can be:

  • A face-to-face meeting.
  • Email feedback. Email.
  • Telephone advice. Tel. 01274 234320.

If you require a feedback on your draft assignment, please allow at least one week before your submission deadline or your 1:1 appointment.

How can you help me if I am a distance or part-time learner?

Many distance learning students find emailing draft assignments for feedback and advice very helpful. We also provide online, self-accessed resources on our website.

Can someone proof-read my work for me?

Martin Sedgley, Effective Learning Advisor, will happily provide detailed feedback on your draft assignments (before assessment) but will NOT proof-read your work. Proof reading is not a part of the duties or responsibilities of supervisors, personal tutors, the Effective Learning Advisor, or any other member of staff at the School. However, a list of proof-readers is available here: Proof-reader List .

Do you provide Counselling?

No, there's an excellent Counselling Service here at University of Bradford. We would refer you to that. However, the Effective Learning Advisor is very experienced in supporting students with a range of personal study issues. If you need time and space to talk through any difficulties, he is happy to provide that opportunity.


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