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Time Management

Independent study is the cornerstone of success in UK Higher Education. Students have to learn how to manage themselves effectively in the face of so many conflicting demands. 

The challenge for students is managing the time away from scheduled lectures and tutorials, particularly managing the time for independent research and reading.   There are many books written on time management, but good time management can be summarised, as follows:

  • Being clear about what is expected of you, and when you have to do it.
  • Having both a short-term and long-term plan to complete tasks.
  • Dividing large tasks into smaller more manageable units.

Here are two time management tools/posters you can print off.

Planning is important, but you also need to think about your attitude to time and time management.  The following diagram illustrates the three big time management issues and their cause and effect. 

Time Management Attitude

This Procrastination workbook explores these issues further, and other resources are: 

For further reading and information, please download the ELS Booklet. 



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