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Critical Analysis

Critical thinking that follows the logic of enquiry is only an extension of what people do as part of everyday living.

Are you a more critical thinker than you release (PDF) ] is a quick self-evaluation quiz that you may find you have been practicing some level of critical analysis on your day-to-day life than you realise. 

The following online tutorial from Martin Sedgley further looks into critical analysis in the academic contents.

What is Critical Analysis?
This booklet explores key principles of critical analysis, and offers some useful frameworks and tools for students to develop arguments in academic assignments. Two sample essays were included with detailed ELS comments. (Updated in Sept 2017).

Additional Resource:

A Sample Essay With Tutor's Commentary

MSc Crossed-Cultural Management Module

  • Successful Repatriation (PowerPoint)

    Please click on the above link to work through the sample essay with detailed tutor's comments and please click through each slide sequentially.  In doing so, you will be provided with a sound insight into key lessons to be learnt when engaging in critical analysis.   
    (If you are using Internet Explorer you should press F5 when PowerPoint loads to change to slideshow view. Click on the slide to advance the presentation.)

What is Critical Analysis

The session is based on the following materials:   



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