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Assignment Success Workshops are offered at key stages of the semester, and lead you through what tutors are looking for in written assignments, including such crucial skills as referencing, critical analysis, smarter reading strategies and exam preparation.

Materials include examples of high-grade essays with commentaries by the tutors.

These workshops are also provided for distance learning students via Collaborate.

Please contact Dr Martin Sedgley, Effective Learning Advisor, for further information:

Workshop videos

What is Critical Analysis?

The session is based on the following materials: (University of Bradford username and password required)


“ELS Assignment Success workshops used past students’ essays to illustrate good and poor principles of writing in business studies.  This is particularly useful to accelerate learning, especially for international students.”


Yumeng Yang
BSc Business and Management Studies

Workshops Schedules (2017-18)

Workshops Resources (2017-18)

Surviving the First Semester - Effective Reading Strategy (UG2, UG3 and MSc) Powerpoint: Surviving first semester and Effective reading strategy (PDF)
Why, When and How to Reference (MSc)

Powerpoint:When, why and how to reference (PDF)

Handout: Referencing quiz answer (Word)

Academic Writing and Referencing (UG2, UG3) Powerpoint: Academic writing development and referencing (PDF)
Academic Writing Principles (MSc) Powerpoint: Academic writing principles (PDF)
What is Critical Analysis? (UG2, UG3)

Powerpoint: What is critical analysis (PDF)

Handout: Training Development essay extract (PDF)

What is Critical Analysis? (MSc)

Powerpoint: Critical Analysis for IBE report (PDF)

Handout: Sample IBE Report (PDF)

What is Academic English (UG2, UG3)

Powerpoint: What is Academic English? (PDF)

Modular Workshops Resources

UG2 Employability and Enterprise Module - Reflective Writing

Powerpoint: Reflective Writing (PDF)

Handout: Reflective writing - Amy interview challenge



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