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Year in industry

Every year, the Faculty of Management and Law has around 100 undergraduate students available for placements of 9-12 months.

This experience forms the third year of their four-year course, so they will be looking to put into practice the knowledge and skills that they have already gained.

The benefits to you

You will find you have someone who brings fresh ideas, a new approach and a real motivation to make an immediate contribution to your business.

A work placement has been proven to be an extremely cost effective way of managing a project or filling a resource gap and, of course, provides a possible future recruit who will already know your business and be making a valuable contribution. In a challenging economy, it can also be a creative solution to a recruitment freeze or cut back.

In addition, students also bring the opportunity for you to gain from networking with a leading Business School.

Students may come from generalist Business and Management Studies courses or be specialising in areas such as Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Human Resources or Law.

You can also be assured that we will have prepared your student for work through specific pre-placement workshops and relevant employability modules in their first and second year.

"We've had a number of students from University of Bradford School of Management on marketing placements and on each occasion we've been delighted not only with the quality of the students, but also with the help and support given by the University's Placement team throughout the recruitment process."

Marketing officer
Calderdale Council

How much will it cost?

The School of Management makes no charge for placements, you just pay the student the agreed salary for the time they are with you – this is typically £12-£15,000 per annum pro rata.

How does it work?

One of the main aims of the School of Management is to prepare students for a career in business and as such the placement should provide work in an environment with genuine responsibility and exposure to the day-to-day issues facing business today. The job content is entirely down to you and we can support you through this as necessary.  We ask every employer to sign a health & safety questionnaire and an employer agreement to ensure all our students are working in safe and suitable conditions. 

The student has to be accountable to you as their employer, in addition for their academic studies they are also required to provide evidence back to us, via a Work Based Learning module, of their understanding of your business, the value they have added and their own personal development.


September onwards

  • Advertise your placement at any point from September through to July for an expected summer start date.
  • Run selection process – as you choose, but we can provide advice, resources and facilities.
  • Select student – make job offer to student, copied to us, with start and end dates, salary and holiday details.

June - August

  • Company to allocate a supervisor who will oversee the training, development and well-being of the student in the workplace.
  • We assign a placement tutor who will monitor the student via the Work Based Learning module and who will visit the student and their supervisor in the workplace.


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