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Professor Gregor Gall

PositionProfessor of Industrial Relations
LocationUniversity of Bradford School of Management
Emm Lane
West Yorkshire
DepartmentSchool of Management
Telephone+44 (0)1274 234357
Blog AddressVisit my blog

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities


Transformation of work
Employment relations

Administrative Responsibilities

Professor of Industrial Relations
Research Professor of Industrial Relations
Director of the Centre for Research


Gregor was previously Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Stirling and Research Professor of Industrial Relations and Director of the Centre for Research in Employment Studies, University of Hertfordshire. He is also Visiting Lecturer, International Labour & Trade Union Studies, Ruskin College, Oxford, and Visiting Lecturer, Labor Education Program, School of Labor and Employment Relations, University of Illinois, Urbana.

Study History


Research Areas

Industrial relations, unions, conflict at work, the employment relationship, Marxism, Scotland, industrial relations of the postal service and financial services sector

Current Projects

  • Scottish union leaders in the post-war period
  • Union effectiveness
  • Scottish radicalism
  • Sex worker union organisation
  • Worker representation in the financial services sector
  • Injunctions in industrial disputes
  • Union recognition



The Meaning of Militancy? Postal workers and industrial relations, 2003.

The Political Economy of Scotland: Red Scotland? Radical Scotland?, 2005.

Sex Worker Union Organizing: An International Study, 2006.

Labour Unionism in the Financial Services Sector: struggling for rights and representation, 2008.

Making and Keeping the Connection – a history of the Connect telecommunications union and its principal predecessors, 2011.

Tommy Sheridan: from hero to zero? A political biography, 2012.

An Agency of their Own: sex workers union organising, 2012.

Scotland the brave? Independence and radicalism, 2013.

Sex worker unionisation: global developments, challenges and possibilities, 2016 

Bob Crow – socialist, leader, fighter, 2017

Fright, flight and falling in line: employment relations in financial services, 2017 

Edited books

Union Organising: campaigning for trade union recognition, 2003.

Union Recognition: Organising and Bargaining Outcomes, 2006.

Is there a Scottish road to socialism? 2007.

Union Revitalisation in Advanced Economies: assessing the contribution of ‘union organising’, 2009.

The Future of Union Organising – building for tomorrow, 2009.

The International Handbook of Labour Unions: responses to neo-liberalism, 2012.

New Forms and Expressions of Conflict at Work, 2013.

Global anti-unionism: nature, dynamics, trajectories and outcomes, 2014

Handbook on the Politics of Labour, Work and Employment, 2017

Refereed journal articles

92 in British Journal of Industrial Relations, Capital and Class, Industrial Relations Journal, Economic and Industrial Democracy, Industrial Law Journal and the like.

Examples of most recent articles:

‘Statutory union recognition provisions as stimulants to employer anti-unionism in three Anglo-Saxon countries’Economic and Industrial Democracy, 2010, 31/1: 7-33.

‘Closing down a means of collective voice for workers – victimisation of union activists in Britain’ Journal of Workplace Rights, 2010, 14/1: 75-95.

‘Worker occupation and worker cooperatives – examining lessons from the 1970s and 1980s’ Scottish Labour History, 2010, 45: 76-98.

‘The forward march of labour halted? Or what is to be done with ‘union organising’? The cases of Britain and the US’ Capital and Class, 35/2:231-250, 2011.

‘Richard Hyman: An assessment of Industrial Relations – a Marxist introduction’ Capital and Class, 2012, 36/1:135-150.

‘Union commitment and activism in Britain and the United States: Searching for synthesis and synergy for renewal’ British Journal of Industrial Relations, 2012, 50/2:189-213.

‘Toward better theory on the relationship between union commitment, union participation and union leadership’Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 2012, 33/5.

‘Union Recognition in Britain: the end of legally-induced voluntarism?’ Industrial Law Journal, 2012, 41/4.

'Labour quiescence continued? Recent strike activity in Western Europe' Economic and Industrial Democracy, 2013, 34/4:665-689.

‘Les formes contemporaines de l’activité gréviste en Europe occidentale: La domination de la grève politique de masse’ Savoir/Agir, 2014, 27:15-20.

‘Advancing Industrial Relations Theory: An Analytical Synthesis of British-American and Pluralist-Radical Ideas’ Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, 2015, 70/3:407-431.

‘Union Effectiveness: In Search of the Holy Grail’ Economic and Industrial Democracy, 2016, 37/1:189-211.

‘Injunctions as a legal weapon in collective industrial disputes in Britain, 2005-2014’ British Journal of Industrial Relations, 2016, (doi: 10.1111/bjir.12187).

Practitioner writings

Columnist for Morning Star (2005-) and the Scotsman (2012-). Previously contributor to Guardian and People Management.

Correspondent for Planetlabor, Paris (2010-).


Scottish Labour History (2008-)

Editorial board membership

Capital and Class (2010-)

Series editorships

Series Editor for Welsh Academic Press Contemporary Work and Employment Studies (2012-).

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