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Dr Georgios (George) Magkonis

PositionLecturer in Economics
LocationEmm Lane
DepartmentSchool of Management
Telephone+44 (0)1274 236801
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Research Interests (key words only)

Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics, International Finance, Financial Econometrics

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Current teaching:

  • Business Economics (Undergraduate)
  • International Finance (Postgraduate)

Past teaching:

  • Macroeconomic Theory (Undergraduate)
  • Applied Econometrics (Postgraduate)

Administrative Responsibilities

Research seminar organiser


George Magkonis is lecturer in Economics and has a PhD in Economics.

He has taught Business Economics, International Finance, Macroeconomic Theory and Econometrics.

His main research interests focus on monetary economics and applied macroeconometrics examining the linkages between financial markets’ shocks and monetary policy stance.

Additionally, George looks into the central bank’s economic and institutional characteristics. He is also interested in meta-analysis in every field of economics and finance. Finally, he is also works on cluster-network analysis. 

Study History

BSc (Econ) (University of Athens), M.Phil. (Econ)(University of Athens), Ph.D. (Econ)(University of Athens)

Research Areas

  • Applied Macroeconometrics 
  • Monetary Economics 
  • International Finance
  • Meta-analysis


See Georgios' publications on Bradford Scholars.

Journal articles

"Dynamic spillovers effects across petroleum spot & futures volatilities, trading volumes and open interest", (2017), International Review of Financial Analysis, 52, 104-118 (with D. Tsouknidis)

“The Financial and Fiscal Stress Interconnectedness: The case of G5 Economies”, Forthcoming in International Review of Financial Analysis (with A. Tsopanakis)

“The Effect of Bank Supervision on Central Bank Preferences: Evidence from Panel Data”, (2016), Economics Letters, 140, 11-13 (with G. Chortareas, V. Logothetis and P. Zekente)

“Financial Development and Growth in the Open Economy: Evidence from Panel Cointegration”, (2015), Review of Development Economics, 19, 163-177 (with G. Chortareas, D. Moschos and T. Panagiotidis)

“The Growth-Financial Development Nexus: A Meta-Analysis”, (2015), Journal of Economic Surveys, 29, 549-565 (with P. Arestis and G. Chortareas)

"Exploring the Effects of Financial and Fiscal Vulnerabilities on G7 economies: Evidence from SVAR Analysis", (2014), Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 32, 343-367 (with A. Tsopanakis)

"Inflation Convergence and Inflation Targeting: International Evidence", (2014), Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 31, 285-295 (with P. Arestis, G Chortareas and D. Moschos)

"Real interest rate parity in OECD countries: New evidence from time series and panel cointegration techniques", (2013), Applied Economics Letters, 20, 5, 476-479 (with A. Tsopanakis)

"The Asymmetry of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve in the Euro-Area", (2012), Economics Letters, 114, 161-163 (with G. Chortareas and T. Panagiotidis)

"What Do We Learn from Taylor Rule Estimations? A Meta-Analysis", (2008), Ekonomia, 11, 112-138 (with G. Chortareas)

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