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Dr Jyoti Mishra

PositionDirector, Work Placement & Internship
LocationCB 2.04
DepartmentFaculty of Management and Law
Feedback HoursMonday 12:00-13:00 & 14:00-15:00
Telephone+44 (0)1274 234358
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Research Interests (key words only)

Circular Economy, Supply Chain, Sustainable Supply Chain, Information Management, Emergency Management, Humanitarian Operations Management, Activity Theory, Developing Countries

PhD Supervision

Jyoti is currently co-supervising a number of PhD students in supply chain and operations management with a focus on sustainability and technology use.

Jyoti welcomes PhD supervision in Circular Economy and Sustainable Supply Chain with a focus on technology.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Currently Jyoti is teaching:

  • MBA Global Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Operations Management (3rd year)
  • Quantitative Maths for Managers (2nd year)
  • Quantitative Methods in Information Management (1st year)
  • Operations and Information Systems Management (1st year) 

Administrative Responsibilities

Jyoti is a reviewer/ program committee for Journals and Conferences including:

  • Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (JASIST)
  • Australian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS)
  • International Association for Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM) Conference
  • Information Systems Conference
  • European Management Journal
  • Journal of Cleaner Production
  • Production, Planning and Control
  • Organization


Jyoti holds a PhD in Management from University of Leeds, MSc in Informatics with distinction from University of Bradford and BSc in Electronics Engineering from Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. Before joining School of Management in January 2014, she was a post-doctoral researcher at AIMTech Research Group, University of Leeds working on two EU FP7 funded projects, ImREAL and ACROPOLIS. While at AIMTech, Jyoti was involved in several projects investigating technology use for organisations. She has also undertaken consultancy for the UK Police Services. Jyoti had taught Information Management in Organisation, Quantitative Maths and ICT modules to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Leeds University Business School. Prior to working in the UK, for five years Jyoti had taught electronics and telecommunication modules to the engineering students in Nepal.

Jyoti holds a visiting research fellow at University of Leeds and is also a RIA (Risk Interpretation and Action) fellow at International Social Science Council.

Study History

BSc in Electronics Engineering (Tribhuvan University), MSc in Informatics with Distinction (Bradford), PhD in Management (Leeds)

Research Areas

  • ICT use for sustainable operations management
  • Expert decision making in uncertain environments
  • Information sharing in multi-agency organisations/ public sector
  • Information technology for effective emergency management
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Management
  • Circular Economy


  • Public Sectors
  • Blue Light Services
  • Telecommunications

Current Projects

Funding awarded:

  • "Sustainable food supply chain in developing countries: Current practices and future opportunities for poverty alleviation", OIM Funding, University of Bradford, 2017, £7.5K
  • "Implementing POSSTT Framework for exploring information sharing", CCIP (Collaboration, Capacity & IP development) Grant, University of Bradford, 2016, £10K
  • "Information Sharing in uncertain global supply chain: towards greener environment "Pump Priming, School of Management, University of Bradford, 2014, £3K


Fellow in HEA

External Examiner for Leeds University Business School and University of Bolton


See Dr Mishra's publications on Bradford Scholars

Mishra, J.L., Hopkinson, P. & Tidridge, G. (forthcoming, 2017). Value Creation from Circular Economy led Closed Loop Supply Chains: A Case Study of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Production, Planning & Control.

Refereed journal articles

Khan, S., Mishra, J.L., Lin, K.E. & Doyle, E.E.H. (2017). Rethinking Communication in Risk Interpretation and Action. Natural Hazards. DOI 10.1007/s11069-017-2942-z 

Mishra, J. L., Allen, D. & Pearman, A. (2015). Understanding decision making during emergencies: a key contributor to resilienceEURO Journal on Decision Processes, 3 (3), p 397- 424. (DOI) 10.1007/s40070-015-0039-z

Mishra, J. L., Allen, D. & Pearman, A. (2015). Information seeking, use and decision making: Understanding the role of expertiseJournal of the American Society of Information Science and Technology, 66 (4), p. 662-673. DOI: 10.1002/asi.23204

Mishra, J. L. (2014). Factors affecting group decision making: An insight on information practices by investigating decision making process of tactical commandersInformation Research, 19 (4).

RIA Fellows (2014). The Risk Interpretation and Action Fellows Seminar on Decision Making Under Conditions of Uncertainty. Australasian Journal of Disaster & Trauma Studies, 18 (1), pp. 27-37.


Mishra, J.L. (2016). Sustainable supply chain for renewable energy. IV Workshop-Production and appropriation of new energy sources: effects, conflicts and alternatives, Goias, Brazil. 

Mishra, J. (2016). Sustainable Supply Chain in a Developing Country. 3rd International EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains Forum, Lancaster, UK.

Mishra, J. L., Allen, D. & Pearman, A. (2013). Information Use, Support and Decision Making in Complex, Uncertain Environments. Association for Information, Science and Technology, Montreal, Canada.

Mishra, J. L., Karanasios, S., & Thakker, D. (2012). Modelling ill-defined domains using activity theory for semantic augmentation of the social web. AmCIS, Seattle, USA.

Karanasios, S., Allen, D. K. & Mishra, J. L. (2012). Dynamic Spectrum Access: Implications of the diffusion of spectrum sharing technology. AmCIS, Seattle, USA.

Mishra, J. L., Allen, D. K. and Pearman, A. D. (2011). Information Sharing during Multi-Agency Major Incidents. Proceedings of American Society for Information Science and Technology, 48: 1–10. doi: 10.1002/meet.2011.14504801039.

Mishra, J.L., Allen, D.K. and Pearman, A.D. (2011). Activity Theory as a Methodological and Analytical Framework for Information Practices in Emergency Management, in Santos, M.A., Sousa, L. And Portela, E. (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management.

Mishra, J. L., Allen, D. K. & Pearman, A. D. (2011). Information Use and Decision Making by Silver Commanders in the Emergency Services. SPUDM, London, UK.

Karanasios, S., Mishra, J. L., Allen, D. K., Norman, A., Thakker, D., Lau, L. (2011). Capturing Real World Activity: A Socio-Technical Approach. eChallenges, Florence, Italy.

Mishra, J. L., Dahal, K. P. & Hossain, A. (2006) ‘Call Admission Control using Cell Breathing Concept for Wideband CDMA’, SKIMA, Chiangmai University, Thailand.

Mishra, J. L., Dahal, K. P. & Hossain, A. (2006) ‘Call Admission Control for Performance Evaluation of W-CDMA’, Proceedings of 7th Informatics Workshop, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK.

Public/Academic/Stakeholder Engagement

  • Karanasios, S, Allen, D.K, Norman, A., Mishra, J.L. & Simeonova, B. (2017). Pre ECIS Workshop: Developing Activity Theory in Information Studies (DATIS). 5-10 June, Guimarães, Portugal.
  • Karanasios, S, Allen, D.K, Norman, A., Mishra, J.L. & Simeonova, B. (2016). Workshop “Developing Activity Theory in Information Studies (DATIS)”; iSchool Workshop; March, Philadelphia, USA.
  • Invited Speaker: “Information sharing in inter-agency organisations”. ESRC Science Festival, London Fire & Rescue Service HQ, 2015
  • Guest Speaker: “Information Sharing in multi-agency environment” to the Tactical Advisors of Yorkshire Ambulance service

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