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Dr Martin David Owens

PositionLecturer in International Business
LocationRoom 2.17 Cartwright Building
DepartmentSchool of Management
Feedback HoursTuesday 14:30-16:30
Telephone 01274 234319

Research Interests (key words only)

International alliances, inter-organizational control, institutional theory

PhD Supervision

I supervise graduate students at DPhil level on topics relating to inter-organisational collaboration/alliances within an international context.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

I teach a range of undergraduate and post-graduate modules. These include introductory modules such as Principles of International Business and Principles of Management, and more advanced modules such as International Business Strategy and Multinationals in Emerging markets. I teach international business modules at Masters level, such as International Business in Emerging Economies and International Business Strategy.

Administrative Responsibilities

Programme director for the BSc International Business and Management course. 


I am a Lecturer in International Business at the University of Bradford. My main research interests are in the post-formation management and governance of domestic and international alliances. 

Study History

  • Business Studies (BA Hons, 1994-1998), University of Ulster
  • Marketing (MSc, 1998-1999), University of Ulster
  • PhD from the University of Ulster (2002-2006)

Research Areas

My research interests lie in the area of inter-organizational relationships between private sector organisations. I am particularly interested in the post-formation management and governing processes and outcomes of strategic alliances. I have just completed a study that examines the consequences the shared management structure for the management of an IJV. Alongside this I continue to be interested in institutional theory, market entry modes and emerging markets.

Current Projects

I am currently working on a set of empirical studies examining the role of formal control within alliances.  


  • Academy of International Business
  • British Academy of Management
  • Member of the Bradford Centre of International Business


Owens, M., Ramsey, E and Loane, S. (Forthcoming) “Resolving post-formation challenges in shared IJVs: The impact of shared IJV structure on inter-partner relationships, International Business review.

Owens, M., Palmer, M., and Zueva-Owens, A., (2013) 'Institutional forces on adoption of international joint ventures: Empirical evidence from British retail multinationals', International Business Review, Vol.22, pp.883-893.

Owens, M, Zueva-Owens, A and Palmer, M., (2012) 'Partner identification and selection of joint venture partners in international retailing', The Services Industries Journal, 32 (3-4) pp 383-410

Owens, M., (2010) 'Equity ownership and control of international joint ventures in the retail sector', International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 20 (5) pp 559-581

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Palmer M. Owens M. and Sparks L., (2006) 'Interdisciplinary (Retail) Research: The Business of Geography and the Geography of Business', Environment and Planning A, 10 pp 1775-1783.

Articles in Refereed Conference Proceedings

YAKIMOVA, R. and OWENS, M, (2017), “Commitment and co-operation among franchises”, Presented for British Academy of Management Conference, 2017, Warwick, United Kingdom, September.

OWENS, M. RAMSEY, E AND LOAN, S., (2013), “Inter-firm diversity and shared management IJVs: Empirical evidence from British MNEs, British Academy of Management, Liverpool, United Kingdom, September.

OWENS, M., ZUEVA, A. AND PALMER, M., (2008) 'International Joint Venture Motives in Retailing: A Knowledge Based View', Presented at the European International Business Academy Conference (EIBA), Tallin, Estonia, 11-14 December.

OWENS, M. AND PALMER. M., (2008) 'Institutional Forces Influencing International Joint Venture Motives: A Study of British Retail TNCs Operating in South East Asia?', Presented at the Academy of International Business Conference, Milan, Italy, July.

PALMER M. OWENS M. and SPARKS L. (2006) “Talking Past One Another? Re-examining the Retail-Geography Disciplinary Interface”, Academy of Marketing, Middlesex University, London.

PALMER M. and OWENS M (2005) “International Retail Joint Venture Activity: New Research Directions”, 15th International Conference on Research in the Distributive Trades, Sweden, June, 28-30.

OWENS M. QUINN B. AND ALEXANDER N. (2004) “Motives for International joint Venture Formation in Retailing”, 31st Annual Conference of the Academy of International Business, University of Ulster, Magee, 22-24 April, p.1-31. 

OWENS M. QUINN.B. AND ALEXANDER N. (2004) “Equity Joint Venture Formation Processes in International Retailing”, Proceedings of the 11th Recent Advances of Retailing and Services Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, July, p.163.

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