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Dr Helena Pinto

PositionSenior Lecturer
LocationCartwright Building 2.09
DepartmentSchool of Management
Telephone+44 (0)1274 234342

Research Interests (key words only)

Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation and incentives

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

  • International Finance
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Corporate Financial Management

Administrative Responsibilities

Programme Leader of the BSc in Accounting and Finance


Helena joined the University of Bradford in August 2012 after having spent several years as a lecturer at the University of Strathclyde. She has a doctorate in Finance from Manchester Business School and her current research interests lie in the area of executive compensation and corporate governance. She has several years of experience as a finance lecturer and published in several international journals.

Study History

  • PhD University of Manchester, UK
  • MSc University of Minho, Portugal
  • BSc University Fernando Pessoa, Portugal

Research Areas

  • Corporate Governance
  • Executive compensation and incentives

Current Projects

  • Executive Compensation in non-regulated markets
  • Corporate governance and investors time horizon

Research Collaborations

  • Prof Aydin Ozkan
  • Prof Andrew Marshall
  • Dr Martin Widdicks
  • Dr Leilei Tang


Pinto,H and Widdicks,M (2014) Do Compensation Plans with Performance Targets Provide Better Incentives? Journal of Corporate Finance,Vol 29

Kemmitt, M., Marshall, A. and Pinto, H., (2013) The Determinants of Foreign Exchange Hedging in Small and Medium-Sized Firms, European Journal of Finance, Vol. 19, 89-111.

Marshall, A., Musayev, T. Pinto, H. and Tang, L., (2012): Impact of News Announcements on the Foreign Exchange Implied Volatility, The Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money ,Vol. 22, 719-737.

Howell, S., Duck, P., Hazel, A., Johnson, P., Pinto, H. Strback, G. and Black, M. (2010) A PDE and Option Based Approach to Valuing and Designing Stochastic Storage for Wind-Generated Electricity. IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, Vol. 22, 231-252.

Pinto, H., Howell, S. and Paxson, D. (2009) Modelling the Number of Customers as a Birth and Death Process, European Journal of Finance, vol. 5, pp. 105-118.

Paxson, D. and Pinto, H. (2005)Rivalry under Price and Quantity Competition, Review of Financial Economics, Vol. 14 (3,4), pp.229-224.

Paxson, D. and Pinto, H. (2003) Leader Follower Value Functions if The Market Share Follows a Birth and Death Process, In “Real R&D Options” ed. Dean A. Paxson, Butterworth-Heinemann Finance.

Pinto, H. and Armada, Manuel (2002) An Autoregressive Approach of the Arbitrage Pricing Theory to the Portuguese Stock Market, International Journal of Business, Vol. 7 (2), pp. 37-52.

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