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Dr Sue Richardson

PositionLecturer in Organisational Behaviour
LocationUniversity of Bradford School of Management
Emm Lane
West Yorkshire
DepartmentSchool of Management
Feedback HoursMonday 9:00-11:00
Telephone+44 (0)1274 234331

PhD Supervision

Sue currently co-supervises four DBA students and two PhD students.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Undergraduate teaching and postgraduate teaching (MSc and MBA) mostly in the Management of Change. 

Administrative Responsibilities

Member of the University of Bradford Humanities, Social and Health Sciences Research Ethics Panel.

Member of the Faculty of Management and Law taught student research ethics panel.


Having graduated from Loughborough University Sue joined its Human Sciences and Advanced Technology (HUSAT) Research Institute in 1979. She moved to the University of Plymouth in 2000 to become Research Fellow, evaluating partnership working in the Plymouth Health Action Zone where she developed a research interest in social and health policy and in public sector management. Having successfully completed her MSc in Social Research with Distinction in 2003, Sue won an open ESRC competition for PhD funding and was subsequently awarded her PhD in 2008. Her thesis concerned inter-agency information sharing in children’s services.

Sue joined University of Bradford School of Management as a post-doctoral research assistant in January 2011 from the Yorkshire and Humber regional development agency, where she had been Evaluation Manager.

In January 2014, Sue was appointed as Lecturer, HR Management and Organisational Behaviour.

Study History

  • 1979 BSc (Hons) Ergonomics, Loughborough University
  • 2003 MSc Social Research, Plymouth University
  • 2008 PhD Social Policy,  Plymouth University
  • 2016 PGC (Higher Education Practice), University of Bradford

Research Areas

  • Partnership and inter-organisational working
  • Information and knowledge sharing
  • Public service management
  • Research and business ethics
  • Creating inclusive work environments


  • Public services
  • Evaluation

Current Projects

  • ‘Working with Dementia’ pilot project. This is a project led by Dr Jannine Williams. Sue is working with Jannine and Dr Katherine Ludwin (Dementia Studies) to study what happens when people are living with dementia while still employed. This includes researching the implications for the person living with dementia, their colleagues, managers and the organization they work for. The project is funded by the Faculty of Management and Law and is working with two case study organizations; a UK care provider and a UK University.
  • ESRC Seminar Series (2014-2017) [grant ES/M002314/1] Information Sharing in Policy and Practice: What needs to be shared (and not shared) when we share information? Sue Richardson is currently part of a three year collaboration involving Rob Wilson (principal investigator), Newcastle; James Cornford, UEA; Sue Baines, MMU; Mark Hepworth, Loughborough; Nick Frost Leeds Beckett; with colleagues Stephen Curtis and Nicola Underdown from the national Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing ( The series comprises twelve seminars with the aim of bringing academics together with policy makers and practitioners to improve effective sharing of information between service users, professionals, managers, commissioners, regulators and others. The series draws on a range of social science disciplines and approaches from information systems, services management and social policy to service innovation, information science and information law as well as drawing on perspectives from economics, geography, sociology and anthropology.

Research Collaborations

Collaborations with University of Newcastle, University of East Anglia, Manchester Metropolitan University and with the National Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing.


  • Higher Education Academy
  • I-Network
  • Innovation Hub


See Sue's publications on Bradford Scholars.

Peer reviewed journal articles

Ford. J., Harding, N., Gilmore, S., and Richardson, S. (forthcoming) Becoming the leader: Leadership as material presence. Organization Studies.

Richardson, S. and McMullan, M. (2007) Research ethics in the UK: What can sociology learn from health? Sociology 41 (6): 1115–1132.

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Professional journal articles

Richardson, S. and Asthana, S. (2005). Policy and legal influences on inter-organisational information sharing in health and social care services. Journal of Integrated Care 13 (3): 3–10.

Book chapters

Please note that Sue Richardson was known as Sue Pomfrett prior to 2000.

Richardson, S. (2016) ‘Joining it up: multi-professional information sharing’, in N. Frost and M. Robinson (editors) Developing Multi-professional Teamwork in Integrated Children’s Services. Maidenhead: Open University Press with McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN: 9780335263967 (pp125-139)

Richardson, S. and McMullan, M. (2015) ‘Research Ethics in the UK: What Can Sociology Learn from Health?’ In Julie Scott-Jones (editor) Research Ethics in Practice Volume 2. London: Sage Publications Ltd. (pp1115-1132)
[This was a widely-cited article previously published in Sociology and selected by the editor for inclusion in this new volume]

Halliday, J., Richardson, S. and Asthana, S. (2002) A role for Health Action Zones within Local Strategic Partnerships: lessons from the South-West. In L. Bauld and K. Judge (Eds) Learning from Health Action Zones. Aeneas Ltd., pp. 95–105.

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Conference presentations

Williams, J., Richardson, S., Ludwin, K. and Lee, H. (2016) Developing good practice: human resource management for dementia friendly workplaces. Alzheimer’s Europe Conference, Copenhagen, 31 October – 2 November 2016 [Presented by J. Williams].
Williams, J. and Richardson, S. (2016) Enabling people living with young onset dementia to continue working: a study. Young Onset Dementia Conference, Birmingham, 27 September 2016. (Invited)

Williams, J. and Richardson, S. (2016) ‘Working with dementia: A theoretical framework to explore the requirements for and implications of an inclusive work environment’ 32nd EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) Colloquium, Naples, 7-9 July 2016. [Presented by S. Richardson]

Williams, J. and Richardson, S. (2015) ‘Working with Dementia’ Nordic Network on Disability Research 13th Research Conference, 6-8 May 2015. [Presented by J. Williams]

Richardson, S. (2014) Increasing complexity and practitioner anxiety? Getting more for less in public service delivery. Multi Organizational Partnerships, Alliances and Networks (MOPAN) Conference, Oxford, 14-16 July 2014.

Underdown, N., Richardson, S., Hopwood, A., Frost, N. and Duffy, J. (2013) Supporting Public Services to improve the sharing of service user information. Multi Organizational Partnerships, Alliances and Networks (MOPAN) Conference, Newcastle upon Tyne, 15-17 July 2013.

Spicer, D., Dixon, S., Mayer, M. and Richardson, S. (2013) Bridging strategy and organizational learning: A consideration of multiple environments. European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Conference, Montreal, 3-5 July 2013.

Richardson, S. (2012) Counting the Uncountable: Improving Results-based Evaluation. UK Evaluation Society Conference, Birmingham, 15th March 2012.

Richardson, S. (2007) ‘Adapting Standard Evaluation Tools for Different Participant Groups’, UK Evaluation Society 13th Conference, Leeds, 22–23 November 2007.

Halliday, J. and Richardson, S. (2006) ‘Just ticking the boxes: the significance of information loss in self-assessment questionnaires’, Methodological Innovations Mini-methods Festival, University of Plymouth, 26 April 2006.

Richardson, S. (2006) ‘Overcoming the muddle and mess: the need for pragmatism and flexibility in an empirical study of information sharing in children’s services’, Plymouth Business School and the School of Sociology, Politics and Law Postgraduate Symposium. University of Plymouth, 14 January 2006. (Winner of ‘Best Presentation’ prize)

Richardson, S. (2004) ‘Partnership working: overcoming the barriers’ invited plenary paper, Northern Ireland Primary Care Conference, Belfast, 7–8 December 2004.

Richardson, S. M., and Aley, P. (2002) ‘The Plymouth Social Inclusion Partnership’, 2002 UK Public Health Association Conference, Glasgow, March 2002.

Conference posters

McMullan, M. and Richardson, S. (2005) ‘The NHS research ethics process: its potential impact on social health research’, Health and Social Care Interdisciplinary Innovation and Research conference, University of Plymouth, 10–11 March 2005.

Richardson, S. and Asthana, S. (2003) ‘Strategic Level Partnership Assessment in the Plymouth Health Action Zone’, UKPHA Annual Conference, Cardiff.


My research impacts those who deliver public services (e.g. teachers, social workers, health professionals, police officers, civil servants, housing officers) and who need to share service user (e.g. patient) information or data to do their job. I am an academic advisor for the National Centre of Excellence for Information sharing and the impact is largely through this collaboration.

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