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Dr Oleksandr Shepotylo

PositionLecturer in Economics
LocationCartwright 2.27
DepartmentSchool of Management
Feedback Hours01274 23 5378
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Research Interests (key words only)

International trade, Trade policy, FDI, firms, IO, productivity, NTM, Economic integration, Spatial economics

PhD Supervision

PhD supervision                 

2015-present    Kamaran Yaqub, Chioma Nwosu

Postgraduate supervision (Year, person, further study; current position)

2016: Sonia Ahmed

2013: Ryzhenkov Mykola, Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, Kyiv, Ukraine

2012: Sergii Meleshchuk, University of California, Berkeley, USA

2011: Nadya Abramava, University of Houston, USA

2010: Vera Kankalovich; National Bank of Belarus

2009: David Bostashvili, University of Houston, USA; ‎Economist at Amazon

Yury Yatsynovich, University of California, Berkeley, USA; Assistant Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

2008: Vyacheslav Sheremirov, University of California, Berkeley, USA; Federal Reserve Bank of BostonDetails of any PHD candidates that you supervise

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Introduction to Financial Markets
  • World Economy since 1945
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • International Trade
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Econometrics and Statistics
  • Econometrics and Applied Methods (postgraduate)
  • Managerial Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Intermediate Microeconomics

Administrative Responsibilities

Work Placement director


Oleksandr has got PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland at College Park in 2006. His research mainly focuses on two broad topics.  The first topic is international trade policy analysis, including services deregulation and productivity, trade barriers and trade flows at extensive and intensive margins, trade policies and trade potential/diversification. The second topic is spatial interdependence in economics, including spatial spillovers in development of institutions, FDI spillovers and market potential, spatial spillovers in growth models.

Study History

Ph.D. (2006): Economics – University of Maryland at College Park. Thesis: Essays on the Effects of Institutions on Economic Outcomes. Advisors: Peter Murrell (Chair), Harry Kelejian, and John Chao.
M.A.  (2000): Economics – New Economic School, Moscow, Russia. Thesis: Trends of inequality in Russia. Advisor: Anthony Shorrocks--

Professional History

Previous Positions

2013-2014: Senior Research Fellow, Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Russia.

2013-2014: Professor, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Russia.

2009-2013: Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Houston, US.

2006-2013: Assistant Professor, Kyiv School of Economics, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2006-2013: Senior Researcher, Kyiv Economic Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2003-2007: Consultant, World Bank, DEC RG Trade Unit, Washington D.C.

2001-2005: Instructor, University of Maryland, College Park.

1998-1999: Junior Researcher, Russian European Center for Economic Policy, Moscow, Russia.

Consulting and visiting positions

2015: Visiting lecturer, Higher School of Management, Saint-Petersburgh, Russia

2012: Consultant, World Bank, Russia – Estimating impact of WTO accession on tariff structure of Russia in 2012-2020.

2012: Visiting scholar, Market Studies and Spatial Economics Laboratory (academic advisor Jacques Thisse), Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2011: Consultant, World Bank, Kazakhstan – On costs and benefits of forming Customs Union with Russia and Belarus.

2010-2011: Consultant, World Bank, Armenia – On liberalization of trade with Turkey.

2008-2010: Consultant, World Bank, Russia – Estimating Russian tariff structure.

2009: Visiting scholar, University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Professional Activities

Extension, Outreach and Service Activity:

2015: Work Placement director

2006 – 2016: Expert and organizer EERC grant competition.

2009 – 2010: Expert and organizer, “Cities: An Analysis of the Post Communist Experience”, GDN Inter-regional grant competition.

2009 – 2010: Consultant, Local Investment and National Competitiveness (LINC) in Ukraine (in collaboration with Chemonics International) (2009-2011), USAID

2006 – 2007: Organize seminar working papers series in Kyiv School of Economics

Research grants

2013: Renaissance Foundation, Effect of FTA with EU on Ukrainian exports. (5,000 USD)

2012-2014: NUPI, Non-tariff barriers and trade in sea-food industry. (2 mln USD, personal participation 50,000 USD)

2010-2011: World Bank, Impact of services liberalization on economic performance. (200,000 USD, personal participation 20,000 USD)

2009-2010: Global Development Network, Cities in transition. (200,000 USD, personal participation 20,000 USD)

2009: USAID, LINC project. (1 mln USD, personal participation 5,000 USD)

Conferences and invited talks 

40th EERC Workshop, Ukraine, 21-22 May, 2016

First Annual Research Conference of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine, 19-20 May, 2016

GIFTA workshop, Bath, UK, 28-29 January, 2015

European Trade Study Group, 17th conference, Paris, France, 10-12 September 2015

61st North American Regional Science Council (NARSC), Washington, DC, November 12-15, 2014

Department of Economics, University of Maryland, November 2014

17th World Congress of the International Economics Association, June 2014

The New Economic School 20th anniversary conference, Moscow, Russia, December 2012

European Trade Study Group, 14th conference, Leuven, Belgium, September, 2012

IMF-World Bank Spring Meeting, Washington DC, April, 2012

Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia, April 2012

SITE, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden, November, 2010

European Trade Study Group, 12th conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, September, 2010

Spatial Econometrics Association conference, Chicago, US, June 2010

Economics and Psychology of Football, London, UK, May 2010

European Trade Study Group, 11th conference, Rome, Italy, 10-12 September, 2009

University of Houston, November, 2009

University of Antwerp, April, 2009

56th Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, New York, November 19-23, 2008

II World Conference of the Spatial Econometrics Association New York, November 18-19, 2008

Joint Congress of the European Regional Science Association (47th Congress) and ASRDLF (Association de Science Régionale de Langue Française, 44th Congress) PARIS - August 29th - September 2nd, 2007

I World Conference of the Spatial Econometrics Association Cambridge (UK), 12-14 July 2007

World Bank, DEC RG


2012: IMF academic fellowship program

2009: Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, visiting scholar at the University of Antwerp

2000-2005: University of Maryland scholarship, 2000-2005

1998-2000: Full Fellowship from New Economic School, Moscow

Research Areas

Primary: International Economics, Applied Econometrics

Secondary: Industrial Organization, Spatial Economics

Current Projects

Export potential, uncertainty, and regional integration: choice of trade policy for Ukraine, 2014, (revise and resubmit, Comparative Economic Studies) 

Does TTIP change costs and benefits of the UK leaving EU? with Karen Jackson

Non-tariff measures, quality and exporting: evidence from microdata in food processing industry with V. Movchan and V Vakhitov (submitted to Journal of International Economics)

Productivity, Wages, and Market Power with P. Ushchev and V. Vakhitov

Non-tariff measures and productivity. With V. Vakhitov and M. Panga



Research Fellow, Global Europe Centre (GEC), University of Kent, UK

Academic director, Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC)


View Oleksandr's publications on Bradford Scholars.

In refereed journals

Effect of non-tariff measures on extensive and intensive margins of export in seafood trade, Marine Policy, 2016, 68: 47-54.

The Evolution of Firm-Level Distributions for Ukrainian Manufacturing Firms, (with Kim P. Huynh, David T. Jacho-Chavez, Oleksiy Kryvtsov, and Volodymyr Vakhitov), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2016, 44(1): 148-162.

Services liberalization and productivity of manufacturing firms: Evidence from Ukraine, (with Volodymyr Vakhitov), Economics of Transition, 2015, 23 (1): 1-44.

Impact of WTO Accession on the Bound and Applied Tariff Rates of Russia, (with David G. Tarr), Eastern European Economics, 2013, 51(5): 5-45. 

Spatial Spillovers in the Development of Institutions, Journal of Development Economics, (with H. Kelejian and  P. Murrell), 2013, 101(C): 297-315.

Export Diversification across Industries and Space: Do CIS Countries Diversify Enough? Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 2013, 22(4): 605-638.

Cities in Transition, Comparative Economic Studies, 2012, 54(3): 661-88.

Spatial Complementarity of FDI: Example of Transition Countries. Post-Communist Economies, 2012, 24(3): 327-49. 

A Gravity Model of Net Benefits of EU Membership: The Case of Ukraine, Journal of Economic Integration, 2010, 25(4): 676-702.

Specific tariffs, tariff simplification and the structure of import tariffs in Russia: 2001-2005, (with David G. Tarr), Eastern European Economics, 2008, 46(5): 47-56. 

In books

“The structure of import tariffs in Russia: 2001-2003,” in Trade Policy and WTO Accession for Development in Russia and the CIS: A Handbook, edited by David Tarr, in Russian, Moscow: Ves Mir, (with D. Tarr and T. Koudoyarov).

"The Impact on Russia of WTO Accession and the DDA: The Importance of Liberalization of Barriers against FDI in Services for Growth and Poverty Reduction." 2006, (with Thomas Rutherford and David Tarr), In Poverty and the WTO: Impacts of the Doha Development Agenda, ed. Thomas W. Hertel and L. Alan Winters, 467-96. Washington, D.C.: World Bank; Houndmills, U.K. and New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Selected working papers

Effect of NTM on Productivity of Firms in Food Processing, (2015), with V. Vakhitov, NUPI Working Paper 851

Non-tariff measures, exporting, and productivity: evidence from microdata in food-processing industry, (2015), with V. Movchan and V. Vakhitov,  NUPI Working Paper 854

Effect of non-tariff measures on extensive and intensive margins of export in seafood trade, (2015), with V. Vakhitov, NUPI Working Paper 856

Impact of WTO accession and the customs union on the bound and applied tariff rates of the Russian Federation, (2012), O. Shepotylo and D.Tarr, World Bank Policy Research Paper No. 6161 

Services liberalization and productivity of manufacturing firms: evidence from Ukraine, (2012), O. Shepotylo and V. Vakhitov, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Series No. 5944

The Structure of Import Tariffs in the Russian Federation: 2001-2005, (2006), O. Shepotylo and D.Tarr, World Bank Policy Research Paper No. 4265

The Impact on Russia of WTO Accession and the Doha Agenda: the importance of liberalization of barriers against foreign direct investments in services for growth and poverty reduction, (2005), T. Rutherford, D. Tarr, and O. Shepotylo, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 3725

Poverty Effects of Russia's WTO Accession: Modeling 'Real' Households and Endogenous Productivity Effects, (2005), T. Rutherford, D. Tarr, and O. Shepotylo, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 3473

In the News/Media

On impact of services on productivity, February 2012, Forbes Ukraine

Between East and West: Regional Trade Policy for Ukraine, September 2011, jointly with Elena Besedina, FREE policy brief.

On Trade Liberalization and Competitiveness of Ukrainian Producers, September 2011, Focus, Ukraine, 38(250) (in Russian).

Cities in Transition, June 2011, Forbes Ukraine.

On Benefits of Integration with EU, April 2011, Delovaja Stolitsa, Ukraine (in Russian).

On the Depth of GDP Decline in Ukraine, March 2011, Forbes Ukraine, 1(1).

Capital Inflows: Blessing or Curse? June 2010, jointly with Elena Besedina, Ekonomichna Pravda (in Russian).

Building Hong Kong in Ukraine? June 2009, Eizvestia, Ukriane, (in Russian).

Large Charisma, October 2007, Kontrakty, Ukraine, (in Russian).

Do Leaders Matter? The role of leadership in national economies, November 2007, Kyiv Post, Ukraine.

Ukraine is Drifting to the West - Slowly but Surely, May 2007, The Ukrainian Observer.

Big Enders and Little Enders – Ideological Difference, April 2007, The Ukrainian Observer.

The Economics Effects of Corruption, February 2007, The Ukrainian Observer.

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