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Dr Rana Tassabehji

PositionSenior Lecturer in E-Commerce and Information Systems
LocationUniversity of Bradford School of Management
Emm Lane
West Yorkshire
DepartmentSchool of Management
Telephone+44 (0)1274 233902

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Rana is a fully accredited member of the Institute of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, now the Higher Education Academy. She is module leader and teaches E-business at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Rana was visiting professor at the University of Lyon II (Lumiere) where she developed and taught "Nouvelles formes de commerce et distribution" on the global-logistics programme.

Administrative Responsibilities

Rana is Editor of the School of Management Working Paper Series. She is the staff representative on the School of Management School Board and also sits on a number of other School and University wide committees She is also director of studies for the executive part-time MBA

She is a reviewer for academic publishers, journals and conferences, including:

  • Sage, Pearson and McGraw Hill
  • Electronic Markets - An International Journal
  • International Journal of Enterprise Information
  • International Journal of Operations Management
  • International Journal of Agile Systems and Management
  • British Academy of Management (conference 2004)
  • Academy of Management (conference 2006)
  • IRMA (conference 2007)
  • Supply Chain Management: An International Journal


Rana Tassabehji was awarded a first degree and a Master's degree from the University of Liverpool, a Master's degree in computing and an MBA with distinction from Manchester University, and a PhD in internet security from Salford University. She worked for several years as a consultant in the UK IT sector and as an international business consultant, before returning to academia. She currently specialises in e-Business and IT.

Study History

BA(Hons), MA (Liverpool), MSc (UMIST), MBA (Manchester), PhD (Salford), PGCHEP (Bradford)

Research Areas

  • Managing information security in organisations from a holistic perspective - including implementation of technical solutions such as public key infrastructure and biometrics, organisational culture, risk management, people and organisational processes
  • Internet technology and supply chain management - evaluating the impact of internet technologies on supply chain management, including e-procurement and e-supply chain management
  • Reverse e-auctions - investigation of the impact of e-auctions on supply chain relationships and organisational agility
  • E-government - exploring the issues of trust in e-government
  • Exploring the impact of internet technologies on businesses - including strategy, organisational design and change management

Current Projects

  • The European Regional Development Fund is financing Rana's study of the impact of e-technology on small and medium-size firms in Yorkshire.
  • Rana is currently a part of the EPSRC-funded network for e-Government Integration and Systems Evaluation (eGISE) which is examining e-government adoption and implementation (see for more information).
  • She is a part of the EU-funded Asia-Link project entitled Euro-Asia Collaborations and Networking in Information Engineering System Technology (ref TH/Asia Link/004 91712).
  • Rana has also attracted funding to examine the computer games industry cluster in the Yorkshire region.


Rana is a member of the British Academy of Management, the Academy of Management (ACM) and the UK Academy for Information Systems.


Refereed journal articles

Tassabehji R., Yu H., (in press) 'Supply Chain Planning, Execution, Modelling and Optimisation in the Internet Age', International Journal of Agile Systems and Management

Tsoularis T. Wallace J., Tassabehji R., (in press) 'Internet Technology and Stochastic Automata to Improve Supply Chain Agility', International Journal of Agile Systems and Management

Tassabehji R., Wallace J., Tsoularis T., (in press) 'Reverse E-auctions: Introducing Agility to Organisations',International Journal of Agile Systems and Management

Cornelius, N., Wallace, J., (in press) 'An Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Identity and Ethics Teaching in Business Schools', Journal of Business Ethics

Tassabehji, R., Taylor, W.A., Beach R., Wood A., (2006) 'Reverse E-auctions Revolutionising the Packaging Industry in the UK', International Journal of Operations and Production Management26 (2) pp 166-184

Tassabehji, R., Vakola,M., (2005) 'The Impact of Business E-mail', Communications of ACM48 (11) pp 64-70

Tassabehji R., (2005) 'Early Experiences of e-auctions', The Packaging Professional28 (8), (invited submission)

Chadwick, D., Tassabehji, R., and Young, A., (2000) 'Experience of using a public key infrastructure for the preparation of examination papers', Computers in Education35 pp 1-20

Books / reports

Tassabehji, R., (2003) Applying E-Commerce in Business, Sage Publications

Book chapters

Tassabehji, R., (2005) 'E-confidence in Mobile Telephony', in eConfidence - Spam, Scams and Security Westminster E-forum Seminar Series, pp 39-40, ISBN 1-905029-21-7, (Invited submission)

Tassabehji, R., (2005) 'A Description of Principles for Managing Information Security', in Edited by Margherita Pagani, Encyclopaedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking, ISBN 1-59140-561-0, Idea Group Reference

Tassabehji, R., (2005) 'Overview of Information Security Threats', in Edited by Margherita Pagani,Encyclopaedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking, ISBN 1-59140-561-0, Idea Group Reference

Conference papers

Tassabehji R., Wallace J., Cornelius,N., (2006) 'E-Technology and the Emergent e-Environment: Implications for Organizational Form and Function', Academy of Management Conference Atlanta Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, August

Tassabehji R, Elliman T., (2006) 'Generating Citizen Trust in E-Government Using a Trust Verification Agent: Research Note', Proceedings of the European and Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS), Alicante, Spain, 6-7 July, Editors: Professor Zahir Irani, Mr Omiros D. Sarikas, Professor Juan Llopis, Dr Reyes Gonzalez, Dr Jose Gasco

Tassabehji R., (2005) 'Inclusion in E-Government: A Security Perspective', eGovernment Workshop '05 (eGOV05), Brunel University, West London, September 13 2005

Tassabehji, R., (2004) 'Managing E-business Security: A Holistic Approach', British Academy of Management, St Andrews, 30 Aug - 1 Sep

Tassabehji, R., Taylor, W.A., Beach R., Wood A., (2004) 'The Impact of Reverse E-auctions on Supplier Buyer Relationships', Euroma, Fontainbleu, 28-30th June

Tassabehji, R., King, R., and Sudbury,M., (2001) 'New Data Collection Techniques - Hip or Hype?', ESOMAR Congress, September 2001

Tassabehji, R. and Sudbury,M., (2000) 'How are New Interactive Relationships with Customers Changing the Face of Marketing', ESOMAR Congress, September 2000

Tassabehji, R., (1998) 'Security and the Internet', presented at the AS400 conference, London, September 1998

Tassabehji, R., Vakola, M. and Varey, R., (1998) 'Using the Information Superhighway to Drive Economic Regeneration - A Case Study', presented at Business and Economics Society International Conference, Rome, June 1998


Wallace, J., Tassabehji, R., Cornelius, N., (2005) 'A statistical analysis of corporate identity, corporate social responsibility and ethics teaching in business schools.', University of Bradford School of Management Working Paper Series No.05/38 (Ed. C.L.Pass)

Tassabehji, R., (2004) 'To Creativity and Beyond - A report into the gaming software industry in the Yorkshire Region', for Game Republic Ltd., (funded by Yorkshire Forward)

Tassabehji, R., (1997) 'Business Use of the Internet - A Regional Study', presented to Manchester Chamber of Commerce Steering Committee

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